You still haven’t started, but you know you want to…

Have you ever thought that maybe you were meant to be so much fitter, healthier and better than you currently are… perhaps you know deep down that you are capable of so much more, and yet for some reason you hold yourself back.

  1. Maybe you tried in the past and failed

  2. Perhaps you just have people around you that drag you down

  3. You could have thoughts in your head like “I’m too old, I’d probably just get injured, I’d embarrass myself”

  4. Worse that thoughts, they may be beliefs about yourself that your a failure and no good at sport

I’m here to let you know that all of those concerns are valid. After coaching literally thousands of athletes and individuals its actually normal to fear failure, injury and rejection or embarrassment. These fears are the main reasons people don’t get started and convince themselves to “stick to what they know”.

Just because those thoughts are common, doesn’t mean they have to keep you stuck

If you have a thought deep down that you can do and be so much more than you’ve been allowing yourself permission to achieve then we are here to make that transition from stuck to crushing it.

I’m Tristan the owner of CrossFit 3018 and we help people to go from nothing to something, from stiff to agile and from newbie to educated through our CrossFit program in Altona. We know that through educating our new and everyday athletes that our culture becomes one of excellence and gives athletes the knowledge to be able to make better decisions, progress faster and have sustainability and longevity.

The main 2 Fears:

  1. Fear of Failure

  2. Fear of the unknown

FEAR is another great acronym for changing the perspective on unfamiliar situations. The letters instead of reading the word fear can actually mean something else to you if you look at them differently. Consider the letters stood for the following:

F- False

E- Evidence

A- Appearing


In other words our brain creates situations in the future that haven’t occurred yet and are more than likely  will not occur and it creates evidence as to what you should be concerned or afraid of. What the brain doesn’t know is that, its basing its imagination off what it currently knows rather than the actual experience.

Eg You imagine yourself walking into a CrossFit box like a loner, afraid of hurting yourself and fearing if someone will look at you funny because you a re fat or because you haven’t exercised before in your life.You don’t really know what to do or how to move and part way through the warm up you hurt your leg and need to leave. You decide what you currently believe is true “I’m too old for this shit” and nothing changes. You remain stuck, you don’t show up to CrossFit and you miss out on a lifetime of amazing learnings, great relationships and awesome coaching that make you a better mover in a healthier body.

The reality is actually going to be totally different because we know what most people are afraid of and we are committed to making your experience at CrossFit 3018 one of the most welcoming, insightful, educational and fun experience possible where maybe the coach is even more embarrassing than you could ever be. We deliver really important content and we also like to take ourselves lightly and leave all egos at the door.

Your real experience at CrossFit 3018 will make you wonder “why did I wait so long to begin, this is awesome”.

What we do for our newbies like you is nurture your journey from the unknown and unfamiliar to the educated member who is aware and able. This process has 3 phases and ensures you get the start you need to succeed:

  1. We get to know you: Who you are, what are your goals, what brought you here, what are your physical limitations, what are you concerned about or excited about and anything else you feel important to share. We listen, we care and we know you will feel this.

  2. We take you through our 2 session introductory program which consists of 2 x 75 minute group introductory sessions where we welcome you to the space and our team. We educated you around the culture of the gym and what some of our standards and beliefs are around training for success. We take you through the fundamentals of CrossFit training which includes a thorough approach to the warm up, the gymnastics and weightlifting movements in CrossFit and cool downs also.

  3. Finally we welcome you to your first CrossFit class with open arms, supporting you like the newbie you are with clear direction, assistance as needed and passionate support. This level of care continues throughout you journey until you move home, leave the country or die, our members love us and invariably call this place their home.

Ultimately we try to do everything opposite to what most gyms do. So if you’ve ever had a bad gym experience, we have too, and we’ve tried to do the exact opposite in order to rock our members worlds.

Our environment and systems allow you to progress from newbie, to regular, to experienced CrossFitter safely and at your own pace.

Just like going for a run, you have to take the first step and we’ve made that process easy for you. Taking that step will build momentum and that momentum is what really counts when you are trying to get yourself un-stuck and into action.

Anything you want is ultimately possible and we have the pleasure of helping action takers to get it done day in and day out. So get in touch with us and help us to get to know you better, so that we can be on your team and support your journey 🙂

Love Tristan (Tricko) Enright

Contact us today to begin your journey

Friday Public Holiday Workout 29th September – Free to the public

*Booking only* CrossFit 10 am – 11:30am

  1. Suitable for all skill levels

  2. Arrive at 9:50am to sign waiver and settle in

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