What you can expect

When you walk into the doors at CrossFit 3018 you can expect a few things...

- You're going to see some seriously fit people that you only thought existed on TV

- You are going to be acknowledged by the members who walk past and notice you standing in the doorway

- You will be promptly greeted by a member and or a coach to say g'day and welcome you to our community

After chatting to us for a bit you will find out that...

- Many of the members of CrossFit 3018 have been here for a very long time

- Most of the members have had an enormous transformation, away from lazy and tired, away from skinny and weak, away from stiff and unmotivated or away from lonely and frustrated and leaned into our community which embraces fun, community, progress and results.

- Many of the team know exactly what its like to walk into a CrossFit gym for the first time and feel unsure, intimidated and a bit out of place but they will very quickly remind you that they felt that way and this is an incredible place to be a part of.

After a week at CrossFit 3018, maybe sooner, you will realise...

- People are really friendly and they want the best for you. Our community knows that they are only as good as they are, because of each other. You go faster and try harder for people that are important to you and very quickly you realise that the 3018 community care and stand by you.

- Warm ups are built into the program and the community values the warm up time as an opportunity to engage with each other, to engage in moving and exploring their bodies, as a chance to leave behind the happenings from the day and prepare the body for what is ahead of us

- Strength is a never ending focus. Whether you've been around for 1 month, 1 year or 8 years, we need more strength. Strength is required in so many ways, not just the strength to squat, press and deadlift but the strength to hold your legs at hip height, the strength to balance and walk on your hands, the strength to not break under high volume training and the strength at end range off motion so that even when you are sprinting or hanging with arms outstretched off a rope you have the strength to be safe and to perform.

- Legs everyday, is something that most people notice. "I can barely walk" they say as they walk through the door. And this is why we warm up, to restore and prepare the body. Our legs are our prime movers, we travel further on our legs that we ever could on our hands or crawling and our legs carry the most amount of muscles as well as the most potential for power. So yes, we develop this powerful potentiality. Members also often complain jokingly "Shoulders everyday" and "Core everyday" and its true, we have 1 body, we may as well use it entirely. AS long as we develop it and adapt it progressively and with variety, we can be safer, stronger and fitter than ever before.

- Everyday has a workout. Thats true. Whether its 4 minutes of high intensity exercise or 40 minutes we always have a workout. 10-15 minutes of warm up, 5 minutes of cool down and the other 40 minutes balance strength, agility, skill, power, endurance and every aspect of fitness not mentioned on a seesaw of ever changing possibility.

After a year of CrossFit at CrossFit 3018 you may visit another box on holiday or locally and notice...

- Every CrossFit is different. We buy into the brand, we may even buy into the program or the idea of CrossFit, but we are all different individuals, with different life experience and purpose, different ideas of what it means to be healthy and different abilities to care and serve the people who come through our doors.

- Every CrossFit is different from the experience, culture, size, equipment, location, programming, care factor, engagement with members, pricing of classes, the value experience of a given class, the coaching front he coaches, the support of members. They all vary, some are great, some are good, some are just different and not every box is right for everyone.

- We find that our box has its strengths in coaching, culture, equipment and programming. Not everyone likes that we spend 15 minutes warming up at the start of most classes, what those people don't appreciate or know is that our warm ups are actually not just focused on getting warm, which is actually easy, but they address common movement restrictions and weaknesses that actually make doing CrossFit easier.

After 3 years of CrossFit ...

- You will be stronger, healthier and happier than ever before.

- You will love your box and the community that makes it

- You will be able to do things, not necessarily every, that you never imagined you'd do 3 years earlier.

- Your friends will think your mad that you live and breath this exercise stuff 3-6 days a week and you will look at them weird for not getting involved yourself.

- You will have told the world to start CrossFit and majority of them will make up excuses as to why they can't come listing injuries, illness, responsibilities or lack of resources and deep down you know that they will be healthier, stronger, more resilient and probably happier getting involved in a community like ours and doing something progressive everyday for themselves.

- You will have people inside your gym community and outside your gym community who inspire you and there will be people who are inspired by you

- You will feel pathetically slow and weak or happily proud and confident depending on what you choose to focus on. Theres always someone better, or worse, but when we reflect on our journey we can always be proud and confident knowing we are doing us and we are 100% ourselves.

If you would love to join in our community for a trial week, we would love to support your journey. Click Get started on the home page and follow the prompts.

We look forward to your next 3 years and every 3 years of awesome progress that follows.

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