What are your benchmarks saying about you…?

Believe it or not….Everyone has health benchmarks.

For some people, their health benchmark is “to not be sick”, when sickness happens that becomes that signal that reminds them they are not meeting their standard of health. For others, their health benchmark is a certain amount of vitality or a feeling that is associated with good health.

Can you relate to some of these>?

What I know is that if everyone has a health benchmark and you want to improve your health and vitality or your level of strength and tone, then model them! Use their benchmark and hold yourself to a new standard, or get clear around what your standards are so you can see where you need to improve.

Healthy people have clearly benchmarks. Like a successful business or a thriving athlete they have a health purpose, values and beliefs clearly defined and understood. They have targets of how much exercise is ideal, how much is good and what is absolutely not acceptable. They have goals and outcomes for each day, each week, every 90 days and each year.

The cool thing is you get to decide what fitness and health mean to you.

In my opinion the purpose of great health and fitness is to maximise ones experience of life. To feel alive through every fibre of your body. To have the strength and fitness to accelerate through the day and still have energy and vitality to do what excites you and to do it with the people you love. I know health and fitness matters because without your health, the world seems bleak and you become a victim relying on the aid of others and sheltered under a roof to recover. I believe that when I take great care of myself, I have more energy for others and therefor my relationships, my business and my lifestyle are all enhanced through the vehicle of seeking better health and fitness. At the end of the year I want to be able to do things that at the start of the year seemed impossible, and I want to do them with precision, efficiency and consistency. “Tristan Enright”

In 2015 I turned being a beginner to handstand walking into being elite. Why would you want to walk on your hands? Maybe you don’t. I did. I wanted to do what others never imagined possible. I wanted to be the leader, the fitness professional with an excellent tool kit of skills, the guy that takes “ typical fitness” and turns it into fun. What if fitness was fun? What if lat pull downs were not in your program ever again, what if you actually said hello and got know the other members in your gym. What if you did classes that weren’t Zoomba and it was actually different every time you went. What if you didn’t have to wait 90s between doing every 12 repetitions of a boring as hell exercise, but you could still have the benefits of great arms and back muscles. These are the question I asked… what if I could walk on my hands? I won’t have to strict press anymore. Gymnasts have awesome bodies if you ask me. Anyway this year, I walked 100m upside down in 7 minutes and have also done it, harnessed in, pulling a 15kg sled…why because I can, and so can you. In the last 3 years I turned my 50kg Clean and jerk into a 115kg Clean and Jerk…why because I saw someone do it, and I thought, if its possible for them, its possible for me. This is a belief I choose to have. “Possible in the world, possible for me”. Are you getting the power of benchmarks and claret.

Am I going of track… yes probably! Are you getting an insight of the different thought structures of people that are getting the results they want compared to people that aren’t getting the results they want. Because we are always creating a result, sometimes we are just not doing it consciously and its time to step up and make a change. Australian Physical Activity Guidelines Accumulate 150 to 300 minutes (2 ½ to 5 hours) of moderate intensity physical activity or 75 to 150 minutes (1 ¼ to 2 ½ hours) of vigorous intensity physical activity, or an equivalent combination of both moderate and vigorous activities, each week. Do muscle strengthening activities on at least 2 days each week. Top of page Lightbulb moment??

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