Transforming your body and the feedback that goes with it…

The path to becoming fit and healthy is an exciting, educational and rewarding journey that never ends. Unfortunately there are also struggles that come with this journey.

People often never talk about the challenges that come with their success. This is because the price of success is fricken hard and the truth is if it were easy everyone would have it. So here are some things you can expect on the way to transformation.

Relapsing, exhaustion, frustration from not being able to hit a previous P.B. or not doing as well in a wod (workout of the day) as you think, can all get you down. But overall the positives of hitting a personal best, finishing an epic workout, seeing your body positively changing, noticing how happy you are and gaining better technique, far outweigh the temporary throw backs and frustrations.

Today I want to discuss one of the negatives that can be put upon us, not by ourselves, even though we are often our own worst critic, but by others. These people are often the closest people to us, which makes it cut even deeper.

Over the last 4 years of my athletic transformation and being surrounded by teammates and friends on a similar journey to me I have learned a lot. I have heard countless stories of team mates transforming their bodies to be healthier, fitter and stronger, and along the way they have received negative feedback from friends and family which has led them to second guess their progress. The feedback us women are getting is one of two things. ‘Ohhh your getting too skinny’, though we are at the healthiest weight we have ever been and feel amazing. Or another very common one is “You are getting too muscly’.

Unfortunately, even though we may like to super glue these people’s mouths shut, or staple gun their lips together while they are sleeping, I trust we all would prefer to stay out of jail and so we must find a way to deal with these thoughtless comments.

Why would they say such a thing? What are they communicating to us? Does it even matter what they think?

Who cares what they think… One strategy is to simply close your eyes and imagine throwing a brick at their face for being so rude hehe, jokes!

I doubt that person would ever go up to a pregnant lady and say to her face ‘oh wow, you’ve put on a bit of weight haven’t you?’

Of course they wouldn’t, unless they are trying to be a rude bitch. So why do they think it’s ok to make negative comments and express their opinion about our bodies. In no way am I saying here that having a muscular body is negative, I am saying the way in which people communicate that you have a more muscular body is in a negative way, as if it is not an ideal body shape.

Most people don’t do too well with change, and the more positive progress you make in your life the less significant people can feel in their own when they hang out with you and compare themselves to you. We shouldn’t take one persons words to heart when we know we are making positive progress because that person that told you that you have gotten ‘too skinny’ or ‘too muscly’ is probably actually just jealous of your success…? Or they have different ideas about what fit and sexy looks like?

Jealousy brings out the worst in people. Its these comparisons that people make about who’s healthier and who’s fitter that leads to competition and feelings of insecurity and self doubt. Whenever we compare ourselves to others we either end up feeling superior or inferior and it’s a shame but this is going on too often without people being aware of it.

This also brings me to the point of what is the optimal body shape?

The answer is there isn’t one. We are told a million times over that we are all different, and what one persons ideal perfect body may be, may not be another’s. Some people love thin designer models body shape, you know the ones with protruding hips and collarbones. Other people love a voluptuous lady who owns her curves, others a fit and athletic who can lift her own.

I personally am proud that I do not need a mans help in my everyday life or around the house. In my work as a vet nurse, I love that I do not feel the need to wait for someone to help me carry a dog from the surgical table back to its kennel. The stronger I become, the more independent I become. I pride myself on the things that I can do on my own. It also gives me such a high when I lift heavier than men in the gym.

I love that I look physically strong and have toned, protruding muscles when I tense. It didn’t happen overnight, it has been a work in progress for years and will be for life, but everyday I work towards creating my ideal life and body. I love tuning my nutrition, becoming a better CrossFit athlete and having the rewards of a strong, fit body.

Now forget the haters, forget those that fear change, forget the ones who are scared for your health because you lift heavier than their boyfriend and forget the words of your friends that feel insignificant around you, just ask yourself:

What do you love about your body? Get clear on what you did that created that change

You have to do what you love and if you feel so positive and happy when you are lifting weights, then why stop?

If you are creating a positive change then why would you stop now because of something one small minded person said. It is your body! You are the one and only person that needs to be happy with it. It is your body for the rest of your life and everyday you have the chance to support and nurture it, to shape it and to care for it. You are also the one who has to wake up and look in the mirror at it every morning, shower with it, exercise with it, go to the beach with it and live in it, so make sure your happy to live with it.

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