Overweight?? Heres some things you should quit.

  1. Eating treats and sweets before 4pm

  2. Skipping breakfast – bad idea

  3. Sugar in coffee – Avoid it

  4. Alcohol, seriously. Piss the drink off for 1-3 months

  5. Fruit juices, sodas, soft drinks, energy drinks – GONE

  6. Fasting – Unless you find you have better self control because of it

  7. Empty foods – Pasta, rice, breads, cereals

So here’s the place to start:

  1. Meat, fish, eggs or a combination at every meal

  2. Meat, fish, eggs or a combination at every snack

  3. Vegetable at every sitting

  4. Nuts, seeds, coconut oils or olive oil at every sitting

  5. Fruits sparingly and always with protein

  6. Tea and Coffee as you please…without sugar

  7. Water, water, water – Without food, water, air and shelter there is no life.

Bonus learnings and ideas:

  1. Smoothies can help you to get your fruits and vegetables in

  2. Fried eggs and Bacon with mushrooms and tomato seem to help people to like breakfast

  3. Protein shakes post workout are a must for most people to aid in early recovery

  4. Pre-Workout drinks can help to get the most out of a session.

  5. Keep a food diary and book regular appointments with a coach to run through it with you.

  6. Keep learning – The learning starts here, this is the fundamentals. everything from now on is about tailoring it perfectly to you, your body and your exercise demands.

  7. Rome wasn’t built in a day – everyday is an opportunity to improve the quality of food you eat.

  8. Only buy the healthy stuff -if its not at home, you are less likely to shove it in your face.

  9. When you buy it at the shop, your a 90% chance to eat it. Throw it out or leave it when you feel strong, then when you are weakest hopefully it is not within reach.

Want to know more, get a meal plan, email [email protected] for a specific plan that meets your lean body mass and activity levels.

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