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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

“I just competed in the CF Games less than a year ago and now I’m dying.”

- Amanda Miller, March 9, 2010

“Amanda“ named after the 2009 CrossFit Games competitor, Amanda Miller. Shortly after competing she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma lymphatic cancer. After a hard-fought battle, Amanda passed away on April 23, 2010 at the age of 24. At the 2010 CrossFit Games, Dave Castro named the workout in honor of Amanda.

CrossFit Workout “AMANDA”

9-7-5 Reps For Time

  • Ring Muscle-Ups

  • Squat Snatches (61/43kg)

With a running clock, as fast as possible perform the prescribed work in the order written.

Score is the time on the clock when the last round of squat snatches is completed.

Statistical Times for “Amanda” – Beginner: 13-15 minutes – Intermediate: 8-12 minutes – Advanced: 5-7 minutes – Elite: 3-5 minutes

10 years have now gone by and CrossFit still continues to tribute Amanda, with the latest AMANDA.45, this 2017 version of the workout was brought out to challenge the best in the world. It has 45 total muscle ups and 45 snatches. We are seeing the best of the best finish this in 8-12 minutes In 2020.

Whether your chasing down the fiercest scores or just looking to complete Amanda RXD there’s road ahead is exciting.

New athletes to CrossFit 3018 will do variations of the RXD workout until strength and skill meet the demands of the wod. A ring muscle up is tough for many of our 2-3 year members and piling 21 into a workout is a feat in itself, so to is the most challenging weightlifting movement, snatch.


A. Chandri


Ring muscle ups

Squat snatch (61/43kg)

Chandri is eager to do this benchmark workout and has shown the ability to perform these two complex movements, so we are going to keep muscle-ups and snatches at 43kg, but scale down the reps. By using the 6-4-2 rep scheme, she will be able to challenge herself further by completing 12 muscle-ups in a session while finishing the workout within a reasonable time frame. I'm estimating it would take fewer than 24 minutes for Chandri to complete this workout, giving her a big sense of accomplishment for performing Rx movements with a scaled rep scheme. We may put in place measures to increase safety and decrease overtraining, such as a total miss rule of 3 per set. Meaning Chandri has to make 6 out of 9 attempts at muscle ups, 4 out of 7 muscle ups and 2 out of 5 muscle ups. That way she can’t keep going for ever, but isn’t racing a clock and making attempts just for the sake of it. If the missed reps blow out to that 3 reps, we may go over and spot her, or in todays times, we may encourage using a progression tool instead like banded transitions, or jumping muscle ups.

How did she go...? We will have to wait and see...

B. Borgy


Chest to ring pull ups

Push ups off dumbbells

Squat snatch 28-32kg

Borgy is eager to challenge herself, but hasn’t gotten a ring muscle up before and squat snatches at 43kgs for reps is a big ask under fatigue. For Borgy we are going to choose a blend of pull and push to advance her muscle up and select a snatch weight that is challenging but very achievable. The muscle up will be traded for chest to ring pull ups and push ups on dumbbells, this way she gets to work on both the dynamic kipping skill on the rings and the strong push required in the dip phase of the muscle up. With the snatch being a complex skill, and already challenging her strength in the push ups off dumbbells, we are going to choose a weight in the snatch that she needs to respect, but we want her to be able to make 8/10 successfully. This weight will be 28-32kg, the weight also needs to be one that she has a good relationship with psychologically, knowing she can hit it under fatigue, otherwise the challenge of this workout can be extremely overwhelming.

How did she go...? We will have to wait and see...

C. Fred

10 minute AMRAP


Ring Row

Hands on bench push ups

PVC overhead squat x 15

Fred just started with us, he has a goal of losing 30kg of body fat and getting a muscle up. Fred has been inactive for the last 14 years and has just completed his introduction course, also Fred can see all the other athletes lifting big weights and doing Pull ups and wants to copy them. After working through the warm up and preparation phase we’ve managed to identify where the value is in this workout for Fred. Ring rows will challenge his pulling strength but we need him to place his feet under the rings and out about 1m for him to really work hard there. In the muscle up, there’s a dip or a pressing action too, so we want to replicate that for Fred, his push up off the floor is not happening, but if we elevate his hands onto a bench he can maintain a straight body position, challenging his core muscles whilst doing good controlled push ups and working those pressing muscles in a safe manner. Finally, we want him to snatch, but the previous movements are already super exhausting and he hasn’t really had much exposure to a barbell. Instead of snatch, we are using this as an opportunity to work a piece of the snatch, the overhead squat, so we give Fred 15 overhead squats with the PVC and coach him through the session on keeping the pvc in the right alignment as well as proper squatting mechanics.

Fred finishes this workout feeling accomplished, he has some new tools for getting stronger, has progressed his squats and got a mean workout all in under 5 minutes.

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