The getting started hurdle…

3018: What do you enjoy about CrossFit?

Rob: Everything at the moment.

3018: Tell us more…

Rob: Well, I think for starters its the great community vibe. I’ve been into many gyms over my life and I’ve never experienced such a community atmosphere where everyone cares and encourages each other. I also think that its getting better every week and seeing such fast improvement. There are younger people and older people and everyone just does their own version of the workout the best they can. I’m pretty competitive so I like challenging myself to keep getting better and theres some pretty fit boys and girls here.

3018: Is this something you would recommend for others who want to get fit or change up their training?

Rob: Yes, absolutely. I talk about it a fair bit and encourage people to come along. I know for me, I thought about going CrossFit for a long time and searched around on Facebook to see who was doing what. I was pretty unsure about about it, but doing the intro sessions really helped me to learn the basics and from then on the coaches and even the members all help each other out and I think that makes you really want to be here.

3018: Does that help with motivation?

Rob: Yes, I was getting pretty stale in my old gym routine. I wanted to shake it up and now everyday is different and thats really helped.

3018: What are some of the goals you wanted to achieve after seeing some of the other members in action during those first few weeks of starting?

Rob: Yeah, there were a few movements I’d never really thought of doing until I started and then I saw it and thought, I want to do that. It was a the handstand Push up and muscle up that got my attention first and now I am doing them in workouts.

3018: What would you tell someone thinking about starting?

Rob: Go for it. You just have to do it. Theres only so much you can imagine from the outside or from looking at videos. Its the experience that really makes it, everyone should try it.

3018: Thanks Rob. I’m sure there will be at least 1 person out there that reads this and follows your lead.

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