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Enquire about getting your kids involved in 2021.

Minimum 3 introductory classes

The 3 introductory class rule is super important. No matter how athletic the kids are, no matter how keen they are, no matter how quickly the parents want their kids to begin, this introductory process demands respect.

Any CrossFit affiliate can throw kids into an adult class and over a period of time the kid will either end up injured or they will work it all out.

They will end up feeling bullied and disempowered, or progressive and confident. They will feel overwhelmed and not comfortable or they will fit in and enjoy the chaos. We can easily throw kids in and hope for the best.

“That approach is flawed“.

It isn’t setting the kids up with the best chance for success.

We want the kids to understand the movements, be safe in their movement practice and progress over time in this sport so that its something that they can do for a lifetime with their parents and maybe even with their own kids.

If we break them, if they feel lost and incompetent, if they get pushed around and not let on squat racks and people don’t want to partner them in workout because they don’t understand the workout, that’s all stuff that is on us as owners, coaches and leaders.

The 3 introductory classes teach the kids and adults:

- We are all here for fun, fitness and progress and we all matter

- We are all people, we care for each other and support everyone through each


- We may compete against each other at times, but the purpose is to bring out the

best in ourselves

- Mechanics – Consistency – Intensity we must follow this approach

- Us coaches are here to support you. Tell us everything, if something hurts, if it

doesn’t feel right, if you are scared, if you are excited, let us support you.

- Going to the toilet at any time and having a drink at any time is acceptable, you don’t

have to ask for permission.

- Familiarity with the gym and where exactly all the equipment is

- Familiarity with the language of CrossFit, AMRAP, EMOM, Snatch, Burpee, Box Jump,

Accountability, Consistency, Reps, Sets.

- Why we do the workouts accurately and don’t cheat, because when we repeat

workouts we want accurate feedback about our progress, don’t cheat yourself.

- How to lift safely

- How to engage the core, activate shoulders in push and pull scenarios and active

hips and posterior chain.

- AND So much more of course.

Knowing that parents are the ones reading this, it can be hard to write this sentence... how it can be true and it’s worth the writing.

In some cases, not all cases, parents are blinded by the excitement of training in a class with their own kids and they under-value the importance of an introduction for their kids. Be mindful, the intros serve your child.

The introductions are limited to 5 people, and if they don’t feel safe doing a “wall walk” in the introduction when the coach is teaching the movement to only 5 people and its everyone first time, it is so much less confronting for the kid to say “no I can’t do that”, compared to a the coach explaining the wod and saying, get ready for wall walks we start in 3 minutes.

Regardless of what is and isn’t covered in the introduction, there is always a need for coaches to be aware of members who need to scale movements and there may be a heightened awareness required around kids and whether they feel safe and ready for each strength piece or workout and that’s important.

However, equally important is a proper introduction to the movements that are risky and unfamiliar to allow kids to feel safe, confident and prepared for their first day of CrossFit.

Of course, all kids are different, different backgrounds, ages, maturity, awareness, coordination and strength to name a few. Having these extra introductory sessions allows both coach and teen to understand each other better so that success and enjoyment are both part of the process :)

Enquire about getting your kids involved in 2021.

Book a FREE intro at 1015am on Saturday and contact if you’d like to get them a Personal Training session to speed up the process.

350pm classes is the session we want to see you start CrossFit with your teens. After a few months we can progress them into other time slots when confidence and competence are at a safe level

Owner Tristan reflects on the role CrossFit played for Alexa as a developing tennis player and how CrossFit needs to be implemented to ensure #teens 12-17yr olds, begin CrossFit the right way.


Alexa went from #1 to no where near it when she bumped up an age group in Tennis and had to battle with the under 14s

We all know what that’s like! Competing against our older brothers, sisters and cousins who are bigger and stronger can motivate us to push harder or it can take away our confidence entirely.

Alexa was the 12 and under #1 ranked junior in Australia until she moved into the under 14s she was the hardest player to top. However, against the bigger girls she was no match as a lighter, smaller build.

Her father Ronaldo (a tennis coach himself at Brooklyn Tennis Club), #1 in Phillipines in his day, contacted us after six months of her competing in the under 14s tournaments.

Alexa was still only 12 years old, yet all of the top U/14s girls were 5-10kg heavier, inches taller and far stronger and more balanced than Alexa. To make things worse, the girls she was beating easily in the under 12s were having growth spurts and all of a sudden harder to beat.

She was losing her edge, her confidence and her matches... being over powered, rushed and frustrated to no end.

Ronaldo wanted tennis specific personal training, however we insisted Alexa take on the general strength and conditioning program of CrossFit.

We prepared her thoroughly with success.

3 privates together with homework for her each week to complete to improve her coordination and speed. We then transitioned her into our regular classes where her competitive instincts kicked in, she would see the leaderboard and push harder to keep up with the other adults.

In the 6 months that followed her back squat went from 8kg for 12 reps, to 48kg for 12 reps. That was her body weight, we didn’t allow her to lift more than her body weight, if needed, we just added more reps.

Alexa also managed to get a 7:00 minute Annie time and find herself with one of the top 5 times in the gym and within that six month period she made the semi finals and finals of two national under 14s tournaments and found herself back in the hunt with the old girls as a 13 year old.

Alexa was structurally as tall as before, however we were able to support her in developing her physical capacity in the gym and she would then take that personal growth onto the tennis court to continue to progress and thrive in her under 14s as a 13 year old and 14 year old.


Much love and fitness


CrossFit 3018

ps, know a teen, keen for gains! Send them to #CrossFit 3018 #Altona

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