Success Principle: Modelling

Brent Turner is more than ready for competition and today he managed 12 bar muscle ups in a row.

Today I was fortunate to ask him a few questions about his internal dialogue during a workout and his response was confidently saying “keep going, do better”.

There is a consistency of thinking in people that continue to get great results and give awesome performances. The internal dialogue is always focused around giving 100% and backing themselves such as I’ve got this, I fucking rock, keep going, yes!

The internal dialogue that is not effective and leads to poor performance and feelings of frustration are saying things to yourself like ” why am I doing this, this is hard, fuck, shit, i’m wrecked, why am I so tired, I hate…”

So now you know how athletes talk to themselves in comparison to the every day person. You might say “yeah but they are athletes, or they are awesome, or they can do it and by saying this you are communicating the exact reason why you will not get the results of the athlete.

So many of the results we are getting start with the way we are thinking and communicating. I personally choose to believe that I am responsible for the results I am creating.

So you see:

It’s up to you what you say to yourself It’s up to you to refer to yourself as an athlete It’s up to you whether or not you want to model successful people.

What I will say is, that before this message you probably didn’t know any better … now you do.

So my question to you is, are you going to communicate to yourself in the way that uplifts and inspires excellence within you…or not?

Are you going to turn a blind eye to what works and continue to blame the system, bad luck, bad timing, lack of resources?? or are you going to “Stop It” and be better?

Are you prepared to treat yourself with the respect and integrity that you deserve?

My challenge to you is to try it on for 14 days.

Talk to yourself like an athlete. – I rock – I am awesome – I’ve got this – keep going – keep moving – I can – I am an athlete

And say thank you to yourself every time you do it for respecting yourself.

Let’s all say well done Brent, and I can do that too. What if I can? But what if I can? What if I can? I am an athlete

Tristan Enright,

CrossFit 3018 0400656750 [email protected]

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