Rodolfo’s Journey

Hi I’m Rodolfo, I joined Crossfit 3018 and jumped straight into the 8 week challenge as a test. A test with myself. Another challenge to self-discovery, to keep my inner fire alive, to get healthy, to grow and being able to eventually keep inspiring others with my story and to get inspired.

This is the path I chose for myself since a little kid, a path that will always keep me on my toes, a path that keeps pushing me not to forget where I’m coming from, that reminds me who I am and keeps me humble.

I was born in Switzerland 47 years ago from Italian parents… A middle class hardworking family that migrated to Switzerland in the late ’50 to pursue a better future. The problem is that they took the “hardworking” part very seriously and due to that they gave me away when I was 8 months old as they didn’t have the time to look after me. I reunited with them when I was 10yo. Due to that its needless to say that there has never been a great relationship between us, and the absence of a guide and support made me look elsewhere for guidance. Looking in the wrong direction I found myself around wrong people, and all I wanted a first was for people that would see me, people that would acknowledge me, people that in their way would love me. I later discovered that that was only a mirage, a house of cards ready to come down, and fast. I got so involved with so much negativity that I ended up in jail a few times, and eventually homeless. At 33yo I ended up giving up everyone and everything and moved down under to start all over again. To start an honorable life, an honest life. A life that will reward me and the people around me because who I really am deep down. I needed to discover that first though. With a relentless commitment to change and a hunger to repay my dues in life I dug deep. It wasn’t easy at all. As they say “Karma is a bitch” and believe me I got to know all about it. Life stripped me from everything when I arrived, it was a total new start. No language, no money, no bed. It made me search deep how much I really wanted the change. Life kept me down, or so I was seeing it, and kept pushing me for the breakthrough. But I was far from it. Eventually I fell into a deep depression and anxiety for years. I was blaming everything and everyone for it. Taking full responsibility was hard at the time. My excuses were: “but they abandoned me as a baby, how could I have learned? How would I know what love is,” “my wife betrayed me after 4 months into our marriage, how could I ever trust anyone?” “Due to the people I was around I did all I did, it wasn’t my fault.” Everyone else, never me.

The change came when I finally understood that life didn’t happen to me but for me. When I understood that I am who I am and where I am because of me. The change came when I understood how strong I and all of us can be when we get humbled in life and say “Thank you for the lesson.” The change came when I finally forgave myself and everyone else, as to forgive it takes one moment, resentment and blame instead is a day to day process that will consume you till the end. The change came when I finally took responsibility for my actions and started focusing on what I wanted or where I wanted to go rather than what wasn’t working. The change came when I finally started to decide for myself.

I learned to take all the lessons in my life to be able to hopefully help someone else that is living something similar to what I did or just needs a push. To be at service, that is the path I have chosen now.

Today, life is good, I am married with an amazing woman that believed in me even when I didn’t, have amazing friends, and own a successful business.

Crossfit 3018 is again another chapter that will keep me accountable. It came together at 11:15pm on a Friday night while googling “Crossfit.” The next day I went past to check it out and was hooked. I was welcomed right away as I was there training already for years. I was hooked by the amazing knowledge of the coaches, by the energy, by the people, by the smiles, by the kind and powerful community.

Crossfit 3018 and the 8 week challenge has been an amazing experience and a crazy transformation for myself. It is a constant push for my mind and body to become better. A better human being. The friends I made are for a lifetime. The support and encouragement are out of this world. Tristan’s vision has materialized into an oasis for the soul, body and mind and I am so grateful and feel so privileged to be a part of this family.

I wanted a change in my look and overall wellbeing so bad that all I can see is WOD, reps, sets etc. lol The community helped me make it happen and for that I want to thank each and everyone of my Crossfit 3018 Brothers and Sisters.

For anyone looking for a change within themselves and feel like been surrounded by knowledgeable coaches, a great community, lots and lots of fun and laughter, and get an ass kicking during the daily WOD, common down. You will be welcomed as you always belonged there.

As for my achievements within the 8 week challenge: Hopefully my story inspired you to take action, whatever that might be for you. Nothing is impossible if you put your hard and soul to it. No challenge is to big. The ride will not always be smooth and easy but the reward will be so worth it. Crossfit 3018, there is where you’ll find me.


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