Hi Friends,

Rebecca Borg has been training with CrossFit 3018 for 3 years and over that time she has demonstrated some extremely valuable traits that we admire and would love to highlight!

Vision: From day 1, Bec had a vision of herself that was so clear it made it easy for us to support her towards achieving that vision. She was focused on being stronger, faster, fitter, more energised and more toned all over than ever before.

Bec has done exactly that! She is way stronger all over in her major lifts, deadlift, squat and press as well as in her Olympic lifts the clean and jerk and snatch. Her pull ups are no long done with the assistance of bands and she can do complex skills like toes to bar, wall balls and kettlebell snatches. If you look at her down the street you may notice a fit, confident and happy lady. If you see her in the gym, you will see a woman with power and passion!

Determination: Nothing stops Bec. She competed in the CrossFit open in 2017 for around about 5 minutes before suffering a knee injury that set her out of the Comp. The rush of the Comp, combined with a slightly offline knee position during a snatch and she was out, ice pack on and resting. Devastated!

In the years that passed, she strengthen her quads and hamstrings to be powerful, supporting muscles of the knee joint. She squats and deadlifts and lunges and has awesome leg strength and stability.

Bec also powers through workouts, and attacks the ones that are seemingly just out of reach. She never backs away from a challenge and if she gets time capped, she will give everyone a hi five and without question, get back on with finishing her workout.

Playful: Bec is a pisser. Full on when she needs to be, full clown mode when she doesn’t need to be on. She is great for a laugh, a shit stir and a dance and always up for a good time.

If you have a vision, determination and are willing to be playful like Bec, then, anything is possible!!

Go Bec xx

Bec is a school teacher, a mother, a wife, a CrossFitter, a friend to many and so much more. She is currently training from home during Covid-19 Victoria Shut down and utilising the gyms online coaching program.

Well done Becco, super proud of ya

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