10 frequently used CrossFit words, lingo, sayings that confuse the hell out of newbies. Quiz your mates, and do 10 burpees for every one they get wrong.

WOD: Workout of the day

AMRAP: As many reps as possible

EMOM: Every minute on the minute

AFAP: As far as possible

YGIG: You go i go

PAMRAP: Partner as many rounds as possible

TABATA: 20 seconds on 10 seconds off, typically 8 sets = 4 minutes

M4D: Max for day

PRE: Perceived Rate of Exhertion

RIR: Reps in reserve

CHIPPER: Long workout you chip away at.

Burpee: hahaha just checking you're here

WOD: Workout of the day. This could be a 1RM snatch only. Or it could be 3x 8 minute AMRAPs or even a long chipper that you have 45 minutes to complete.

EMOM: Awesome for fitness, skill practice or staying accountable to the clock and not wasting time, athletes may do 1 clean and Jerk every minute on the minute with an increasing weight. They may do 5 toes to bar every minute for quality. or 5 burpees ans 5 box jumps every minute for speed and conditioning. AFAP: As far as possible generally refers to a distance workout. Ie, complete 400m run, 10 burpee broad jumps for 10 minutes, how far did you go?

YGIG: Great for partner workouts, you go I go, is generally referring to a workout where you do all the reps of round one, and then I do all the reps of round one, then you go, then I go. It’s a great way to work hard and rest without the clock. PAMRAP: is just a partner AMRAP and is generally shared however or sometimes split evenly for reps. We prefer share however because it allows athletes with different fitness background to train hard together without one having to wait around for ages, you have a go, do some reps and swap whenever trying to get through as much as possible together in the time frame. TABATA: if you can do 20 or more air squats for an entire 4 minute TABATA and reach the CrossFit pointa of performance for the air squat you are ready for some heavy weights. M4D: A term we use in the weightlifting piece to allow athletes to have an attempt at a maximum weight for them for the day. It lends itself away from being hung up on previous numbers and focuses the athletes on the day and the moment. PRE: this is a great way to help members to manage their training intensity in workouts and stay healthy. Always training at a PRE of 10 is exhausting but low intensity or exhertion is useless if you hang out their everyday. RIR: Great for weightlifting, rather than having athletes work to an 80% of maximum lift, you might ask them to keep 2 reps in reserve. Where the athlete feels like they can squat the weight for 6 reps but they stop at 4. This is a great programming tool for atheltes who haven’t trained much ever or whose lifting records aren’t current.

THANKS for tuning in, stay CrossFit, do your burpees and sign in to class, don’t be a slack arse!

love Tricko

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