Premier Infrared Sauna Experience is home to 3018

Welcome to Infrared Healing at CrossFit 3018

Why an Infrared Sauna?

  1. Detox heavy metals and toxic chemicals

  2. Reduce muscular pain and inflammation

  3. Lower blood pressure and improve heart health

  4. Rejuvenate your skin ~ look years younger

  5. Lose Weight ~ Burn up to 600 calories in 30 minutes!

  6. Improve immune system

  7. Decrease appearance of cellulite

  8. Ease joint pain and stiffness

  9. Reduce stress and fatiuge

Why a Clearlight Infrared Sauna?

  1. Low EMF high performance carbon-ceramic heaters

  2. Eco-Certified sustainably harvested woods

  3. Reversible ergonomic / flat bench in Premier saunas

  4. 100% True Lifetime Warranty on the entire sauna!

  5. Designed by doctor with a focus on healing the body

  6. True Full Spectrum heaters 20 x more powerful than any other brand

Clearlight Premier 2 person Infrared Sauna

30 Minute Premier Sauna experience 


  1. The privacy of the upstairs purple room for your Premier Sauna experience

  2. 30 minutes of pure healing alone or with a friend

  3. Towels to sit on, stand on and a bath mat to step onto after the sauna

  4. Access to our 2 showers downstairs to freshen up

  5. Bottled water to stay hydrated and help with releasing toxins

What to bring:

  1. A towel – Towel hire is available if you forget for $5

  2. A friend if you’d like to share the experience with them

  3. A change of clothes

  4. Bathers (must be worn during the sauna experience)


Regular price $40 CF 3018 members $30 Towel Hire per person $5

*Bookings are essential, arrive 10 minutes early.

Why we chose the Premier model with Ceder wood:

  1. Cedar wood is naturally anti fungal and antibacterial so it is perfect for keeping the warm, humid environment of the sauna microbe-free. 

  2. Cedar also remains dimensionally stable as the sauna heats up and cools down eliminating cracking and warping over time. 

  3. It doesn’t get hot to the touch

  4. It is also a richly beautiful wood with it’s warm reddish and honey hues. 

  5. Cedar wood is easier to clean and maintain.

  6. We use a non aromatic variety so the cedar smell is present but not overpowering. 

Email us today to book your session: 

[email protected]

  1. Public bookings to be made 2 days or more in advance. e.g. email Monday for sessions Wednesday or later.

  2. Members are able to book sessions with a coach at the gym or via the above CrossFit email (Facebook is not an acceptable booking method).

Sauna Booking times:

Monday 9:15am / 4:15pm / 6:15pm / 7:15pm

Tuesday 715am / 9:15am / 4:15pm / 6:15pm

Wednesday 9:15am / 4:15pm / 6:15pm / 7:15pm

Thursday 715am / 9:15am / 4:15pm / 6:15pm

Friday 9:15am / 4:15pm

Saturday 9:15am / 10:00am / 10:45am

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