Patience matters

Still everyday people start CrossFit and want to be the best within 3 months, 3 weeks or 3 minutes and it’s just not going to be that way.

Everyone has to take their medicine and put in the time to make it to the next level and even when you hit your first 150kg Deadlift or first ever muscle up, that is not a done deal… you’ve got to keep your pedal to the metal and keep grinding.

Whether your focus is on one specific movement that you want to get better at or broadly getting stronger, strength is measured in time and load. You guys need to keep showing up, keep lifting heavy and stay healthy and there is no short cuts…

It takes time It takes devotion It takes commitment

And you all see people come in and we question them once and they all of a sudden go from not having a muscle up to getting one within 3 minutes. We know your thinking “what the fuck, I want to do that, that could be me”! And yeah maybe it could be you.

What got that person the muscle up was not a quick 2 second que. It was the fact that firstly they can move their own body weight, they have the strength and also a body weight that is makes getting over the barachievable. Their years of playing sports has developed in them a coordination and balance that lends itself nicely to developing new skills. Their shoulder muscles fire fast because they have spent 5 years throwing netballs hard or wresting. They are competitive. They have a track record of seeing stuff happen and then doing it, so they actually trust themselves a lot.

Compared to the person that has just started CrossFit on the back of no sport and very limited physical activity. The second person is going to have to be a little bit more patient and probably a lot kinder to themselves through their journey of learning skills and developing the muscle mass and muscle recruitment required for success.

We all know that it takes time to build a bank balance, we all know that it takes time to pay off a house, we all know that it takes time to climb the ranks of a corporate job and to gain a massive Instagram following but we don’t appreciate that in terms of our training.

True respect for yourself is appreciating where you are at and who you are. In terms of your training you are a reflection of all of the hard work and discipline you have or haven’t put in. CrossFit is all about exposing weaknesses. CrossFit is also providing you an extraordinarily large base of exercises and combinations of workouts to succeed in and challenge yourself with. Setting your expectations is great, and even still we must be real and kind to ourselves through this journey of personal and physical improvement.

Patience is critical to have success. You might master the pistol, but put that pistol in a workout with heavy back squats and running and all of a sudden you are breathing heavy and can’t feel your legs, and pistols became nearly impossible. Pat yourself on the back, you have the skills, now you also have the awareness to crush your weakness.

I celebrate everyone’s success just as much as my own because I know that achieving anything in this life takes work and discipline and commitment. If you got it right, if you progressed, I take my hat off to you because very rarely is it a one minute improvement… it’s the sum of all the parts, the time, the energy, the belief you could do it, the commitment to show up, the grind, the hustle, the patience, all of it.

No matter where you’re at, or what your doing, keep showing up, stay positive and be patient in your attempts to be better!

Love and respect to all the mofos out there that want everything right now. I’m one of you and the lesson of patience reminds us always how far we have come to be right here. Stay aggressive, dream big and be patient.

Be patient to progress, not patient to begin. Start now, start yesterday, once you’ve begun, once you commit to showing up, be patient for progress and aware of it showing up in many forms: – -strength – Health -Energy – Faster times – New skills – More balance -Better relationships – weight loss

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