Our YS Mastermind Club is off to a great start

Our first 2 members of the Your Success program created by Sharon Pearson and the Coaching Institute have experienced the next level of awesomeness this morning.

Today we had our first mastermind session to kick off the program. The standards are officially set and intentions are clear, everyone is here to play at 100%, live a more meaningful passionate life and be curious about some of the patterns, habits and behaviours we are running with an openness to change and adapt along the way.

One of the key conversations from today revolved around cause vs effect and the idea that it’s more empowering if we are to live at cause and take responsibility for the results, outcome, feelings and thoughts we have rather than live at effect.

Each of the members were able to contribute meaningful insights into what it means to them to live at cause in terms of their jobs, their relationships and with regard to their health and fitness. We also had a really good chat around when we were at effect, some of the stuff that maybe we have to do, that we don’t necessarily like doing we often just allow our old thoughts and habits to effect us and we don’t enjoy the experience, perhaps lose curiosity and eagerness to explore and be playful and thereby actually ensuring that we don’t have fun and that it is as painful an experience as we expected.

We enjoyed  chatting about situations where perhaps we approach them with the expectation that it is going to be uncomfortable and unfamiliar compared to others where we approach with excitement and curiosity and how that expectation actually has an enormous impact on how we think, feel and ultimately what we attract to us as results.

The story of the salesman goes door 🚪 knocking came up and he fears rejection and is so scared he will be rejected that he can’t help thinking about it, and as he focuses more on rejection he begins to expect people to say no. He fosters up images in his brain and his entire energy shifts from opportunity to self preservation. His posture slumps, he becomes sweaty and unsure of himself and as he finally drags himself to the door to knock on the door no one answers and he decides in that moment that no one cares, no ones interested and he isn’t meant to be a salesmen after all.

Sometimes we create the worst in our heads before it even happens and we attach meanings to events that are totally dis-empowering. Where are you holding yourself back right now?

Training is an easy one…

The mind 99 times out of 100 will give up before the body so where are you coping out and missing gains. What are the thoughts that you are telling yourself…? I’m not good enough, I’m tired, I’m to old for this shit… what are the excuses you allow yourself to accept…? What meaning do you give events in training that make you feel small rather than make you feel like a legend.

Whos going home telling themselves “I fucking rock”, “I killed it today” because I guarantee you that person is creating awesome, powerful and positive connections with training and their results will follow.

Both Your Success Program and Mastermind members Amanda and Dave had some incredible, mind blowing experiences in as little as 3 weeks since starting the program. There is a saying that “Maturity is understanding that the little things are actually the big things” and there is no doubt in my mind that they have both stepped up and experienced incredible shifts in their thinking and experience of life already.

This program is open to all members of the public with only two requirements necessary to become involved:

– An eagerness to play 100%

– A desire to embrace new learnings

The process to get involved is easy:

Amanda and Dave have both purchased the Your Success program via Tristan Enright’s purchase link below and that allows them to engage daily through our public “Reclaim your ideal self” and private Facebook chat group “Ys Mastermind Club” as well as connecting face to face monthly for 90-120 minutes to mastermind key learnings, share insights, solve problems, support each other and set new accountabilities moving forwards to excel 🙂

All mastermind members can expect to thrive with a new and improved focus on what really matters as well as tools and strategies to reclaim your personal power.

Amanda recently attended the yearly $2000 Your Success event at the coaching institute which is included free for all members. Such an incredible inclusion for all our Your Success program members.

If you are here because you know that at some level there is more to life than going to work, paying bills and saving for holidays…!

If you are here because you know that deep down you could be happier…

If you are here because you know that you are a little stuck, frustrated or sad and that by shifting your thinking, your environment and having a support group around you that care will help…

Then it’s time to stop wondering! Jump on board our Your Success first 10 special offer where the mastermind meet ups are FREE for the first 10 people involved.

I’m in. Pumped to get started. 

Next Mastermind for members is Sunday October 8th at 3pm where we will connect, share, acknowledge and make new choices 🙂 and in the mean time we will get stuck into the modules with loads of awesome content from Sharon Pearson, Brian Tracy, Matt Lavars, Joe Pane and more.

Sign me up 

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