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Tara Jane is having a year of CrossFit Wins!!

12 months of CrossFit – First CrossFit Open – First Rope Climb – First Double Under – First Workout completed RXD

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#CrossFitGames tune in this weekend to the CrossFit games At

#CrossFitOpen Starts October

“Well done to our 3018 superstars” 23rd out of 60 Team: Crossfit 3018 Kris, Charith, John, Khalia, Gill and Tran Super Team at the Allstar Affiliate series

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Congratulations Mika on completing your CrossFit Level one trainer course and earning your coaching certificate.

Michael has been passionately involved at CrossFit 3018 for 2 and half years and lives on the edge of learning and performance everyday.

He is passionate, outgoing, supportive, energetic and brings up the level in the gym with his continuous drive to chase bigger and better.

Over the last few years I have been most impressed with the way Mika has brought patience and awareness into his skill set. Mika came to 3018 bursting with eagerness to improve and absorb everything that may benefit him. He continues to do just that and more recently he has added great patience and trust in the process of training.

If you see Michael in the box or on Facebook this week, send him some love and help him celebrate the growth he has achieved and share any fantastic experiences you’ve had with him at the box.

Coach Tricko: Body Weight 75.8kg Snatch 102kg Clean and Jerk 120kg Sinclaire Total 279.46 Competition: Western Warriors Weightlifting

Do you have any friends or family members that would love to get started on their fitness journey with CrossFit 3018?

YES I DO! Great, because we are welcoming new members every week with the opportunity to take on a free Introduction to CrossFit on Saturdays at 10am with Marina. Or if they want the ultimate introduction experience we have a 1-1 intro package where they can arrange 4 x 1 hour private’s with Tricko to learn to #MoveBetter #EatBetter #RecoverBetter for $297

They have no more excuses, we can hold their hand and walk them through, or we can cut them loose in one session… Either way, send them to us today.

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