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Rob is an incredible team player and example of what is possible when you apply yourself to the CrossFit program. Rob was a little sceptical at first and concerned about how Crossfit was portrayed as being potentially dangerous and risky in the media at times. None the less, he gave it a crack and it was his application of the basics, curiosity to learn and commitment to strengthening his weaknesses that have played key roles in keeping him healthy, incredibly fit and consistent. Rob goes one step further than just training, he brings people together with his caring nature, his ability to make people laugh and it is a pleasure for all of the crew when Rob is at the session. Thanks Rob. Tristan x

……… Rob

I grew up in West Sunshine to migrant parents in a working-class family. Mum was born in Argentina and Dad in Eqypt, both to Italian parents. I grew up learning and appreciating the value of family – something that remains with me today. My immediate family made up of Mum, Dad and younger sister have always been my strongest support network followed very closely by a select few mates who are still with me today. Characteristics that define me…humour (always trying to see the light side of things and inject a bit of humour into situations), competitive (mainly within myself – I can be really hard on myself at times when I think I haven’t done as well as I am capable) & caring (Underneath the laughs, jokes etc I genuinely care about the people around me). I took up crossfit about 1.5 years ago. I’ve always been active having trained and later taught Karate for about 30 years. Full on with sports during school and once I started working, hitting the gym whenever I could. The birth of my second child saw the end of my Karate training as I wasn’t willing to make the sacrifice (training 4 times per week and not seeing the kids) required. I got really, really bored with my gym training and was looking for something new. I then saw a poster advertising 3018 and decided to go and check it out. It was a slow start but have loved it ever since. I just feel that Crossfit training provides me with functional strength that will ensure I’ll always be able to keep up with the kids. The hardest thing about starting was just getting over my insecurities. Starting something new, whether it be a new school, job or gym is always intimidating. I remember coming to 3018 the first time and looking in for about 5 minutes before I ran away. I ended up coming back though. Initially I thought I would only do Crossfit maybe twice per week…that idea lasted about a week then I was in as often as possible. I just committed myself to coming (which was easy for me cos I really enjoyed it). My longer-term commitments have been improving my nutrition (with help from Tricko and the Block method) and really focusing on technique, particularly on movements where I struggle. When I was about 21 my cousin, who had just turned 30, told me that I would also end up with an “old man’s body” when I got to his age. I’m really proud that at 35 I feel stronger, fitter and healthier than I did at 21! More precisely…I guess I’m just proud that I didn’t take the easy road, which would be to sleep in, eat and drink what I wanted and not be accountable for myself. Whilst this is technically the “hard road”, I would’t do it any other way. I would just tell them to stop wasting energy thinking about not being able to do something or how hard it is going to be and just start. We are really good at talking ourselves out of things and putting ourselves down. Whatever it is, whether it be running a marathon or starting Crossfit, commit to taking the first step (which is usually the hardest). I would rather try something and fail than never try at all and live in regret! To be honest, I’ve never felt like giving up. I have definitely had my down times…particularly when I feel I should be doing better but just struggling for some reason but I know that giving up will only make me feel worse. There is no better feeling than approaching a challenge, fighting through it and coming out victorious at the end. I feel as though I’ve overcome some pretty challenging moments in my life – within my personal life, career and with my training. I know that as long as I push hard and don’t give up, I’l make it at the end. I guess I just believe in myself. We are all unique but fundamentally, made of the same stuff. There is really nothing that makes me any more capable of achieving results than anyone else. I actually think it is more of a mental battle rather than physical. Anyone can do it who is willing to do it. I just feel that in life we are on a journey. During that journey we face many speed humps and uphill climbs. Less occasionally life gives us a nice, easy downhill run. There comes a point during that journey that the road splits and we have to choose a path – one path is the easy road and the other much harder. My experience so far has been that the harder path, which is the road less travelled, is the one that offers the most reward. If it was easy everyone would do it and what would be so special about that? Chose the path that challenges you.

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