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Coaches Comments: Abi is such a breath of fresh air. She smiles her way into the gym, has such a kind nature and really engages and plays fully during her sessions. We are thrilled to have Abi involved on all levels and Abi I am so grateful that you have shared your journey here for all to read. I truly believe many will resonate, as I have myself. Thank you. Tristan xx

……… Abir

Looking at myself today, I can barely believe that I have come this far and how much I have grown as a person even though i’m only 16.

I grew up in Western Sydney before moving to Melbourne a few years ago. As a child, I was constantly surrounded by adults which allowed me to become very mature, and grow up before my time.

A father figure was never in the picture, it was just mum and I.My father not being there affected me for a very long time, and made me a bitter person. For a long time, my mum has been my rock. There has never been a time when I needed her and she wasn’t there. She has never clipped my wings and has always trusted me to do whats best for myself and do what makes me happy. My mums support has shaped my life in the greatest way possible. She has taught me to be strong willed, grateful, compassionate, confident and most importantly resiliant. Watching her bounce back from bad experiences stronger than ever has taught me never to give up.

For a long time. my mental, physical and emotional health didnt mean very much to me. I would constantly use my father not being present as a reason for why I was lazy, unhealthy and lacking confidence. It was the easy way out. I would constantly lash out at my mum when she tried to help me and encourage me to get out and do things that made me happy. This went on for a while, and to mum m it seemed like I would never change. However, my mum being the legend she is, never gave up. One day she magically got through to me and enrolled me in the local gym, Bayfit Leisure Centre, for a trial. She convinced me to try it out, and if I didn’t like it well at least I would’ve tried. One month down the track and I was absolutely miserable. I hated everything about it, from the equipment to the whole environment.

So back I went to my bad habits of eating a whole packet of Coles double choc chunk cookies and watching TV all day. Whoever was brave enough to tell me otherwise received back chatting and attitude. I was 14 at the time, so you can only imagine. My mum had enrolled at The Bodyfit Box, out local crossfit gym, and convinced me time and time again to go with there. It took a whole lot of convincing but I finally gave in. After the first session, I was enduring excruciating pain but I was in love. Crossfit made me feel amazing. It challenged me more and more each time to push myself to the limit.

After that,my life completely changed. I started living a healthy life, eating real foods and doing physical activity that made me happy. I found a new love of cooking, and started developing healthy dessert recipes. Whilst The Bodyfit Box was great, I felt as though the environment wasn’t for me. Mum and I left The Bodyfit Box and joined Crossfit 3018, after seeing their videos on social media.

The first time I walked in, the environment was amazing. It was positive, vibrant, friendly and encouraging. At first I felt a little intimidated by all the athletes, but that feeling quickly disappeared. The people at 3018 are some of the best people I have come across. They have encouraged me to try harder, aim higher and not compare myself to others.

Crossfit 3018 is my safe haven. I can go there with a million things on my mind, and leave feeling as if I have been re born. Crossfit has literally changed my life. I am now best version of myself, and I feel as though its just getting better. I’m just a sixteen year old girl who decided to take the leap of faith and try something different.

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