MEET David Vuong

Hi everyone,

It’s David here AKA Vuong AKA Coach Vuong AKA Master V.

Wanted to share a bit about myself and what I am passionate about.

I studied a lot in high school was able to get myself an engineering degree. During this time I also played a lot of computer games. You could say, I was your typical nerd.

There were the occasions where I touched some weights in the gym and recreational futsal competitions I played on weekends with friends. Nothing that really drew me in.

In 2013, I found CrossFit in Melbourne which exposed me to many aspects of fitness modalities – cardio, weightlifting, bodyweight, strength and conditioning. I continued this for a couple years and then obtained my Level 1 in CrossFit in 2015 and started coaching.

I found the area of gymnastics strength and mobility to have interested me most. At that point in time I was not very good at it. I knew I had to learn and become proficient in these areas to be an amazing coach.

In 2017 I attended a workshop run by Ido Portal (a “movement” guru). This was the same time I met my current coach who has helped me become strong in many aspects of fitness.

My passion lies in gymnastics strength and mobility. Since 2017, I have invested countless hours to improve my gymnastics strength, mobility and other aspects of movement.

This year, I decided to take a break from engineering to focus on my passion for coaching and continued learning in the training space.

I am passionate about progression and sustainable training methods that you can continue until old age. Whether you want to touch your toes, your first pull up or stringing together muscle ups, I have been through the process and can help you.

I can see the impact of improving your gymnastics and mobility will have on your CrossFit and daily lives.

David x

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