Meet Coach Ligia

I’m Ligia Cruz, 37, crossfitter for almost 4 years and a sport lover since very young.

Memorable Wod: Annie Favourite WOD: The girls, Barbara, Fran, Diane, Nancy Favourite Lift: Cleans

Being the little sister of 3 brothers, I was much interested in what they were doing in our childhood (other than playing dolls), so I used to follow them around. I started training Capoeira with one of them when I was 10 years old and I did that for about 7 years.

Then I started transitioning to mountain bike training and participating in several locals, regionals and nationals comps. It was when an accident happened to me and I had to stop everything for a year.

Life goes on, got married and started having fun with hubby catching waves and surfing almost every weekend. By this time I started studying Physical Education in Brazil and teaching swimming classes.

We moved to Australia – the surfers’ dream place, but the water in Victoria is freezing cold and I must say I wasn’t enjoying it very much haha. So my hubby invited me to do a crossfit session as he had just done the Introduction class and he was pretty sure I was going to fall in love with this sport.

So I did. I love training Crossfit because it challenges me every single day to be a better version of myself, physically and mentally. Looking back when I started, I could never imagine I was going to do the things I do today. And it brings me so much joy to see that after all that I learned I can help people to reach their goals knowing everyone is different and has their own time and way of learning. So let’s everyday be a better version of ourselves!

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