Locked down, lonely and lazy

As Melbournes’ stage 4 restrictions are set to continue, now more than ever is the time to make sure you have to support, care and accountability to help pull you through.

”Not that kind of support” 😂

CrossFit 3018 may have been born out of a passion to deliver high end fitness, Weightlifting, Gymnastics skills and hard earned workouts, but over the years it has become clear to us, that our strength is in our community. We are not just any community though, because having a community is great, having a community of people that value well-being, physical capacity, human progress, accountability, consistency and personal growth is totally different than the support you receive from your family community or your work community, or your school community. The Community support you get from CrossFit 3108 is unique to us and you will feel it when you continue to put yourself in positions to experience it.

When you join our community whether it be live, face to face in the gym, or live, online via zoom which we encourage you to take part In, you will notice a warm consistency. The people want to get to know you, support you and they believe you can make great physical progress, have more energy and live a good life. Why though? Because they too have been through and seen others go through it.

Our community is not born of, or made up, athletes whom have left their professional sporting careers and fell into CrossFit Training to advance or maintain their physical prowess. Our members have arrived on our door seeking a new place to call home, a fitness home, where they can escape the routine of every day, be 100% themselves, play hard out for an hour and do it with like minded people here seeking to improve their health, fitness and strength and have a few good laughs along the way too.

Despite our physical home being factory 18, 36 Aberdeen road, Altona, being locked down, we have noticed that the essence of CrossFit 3018 is not so much in the walls, barbells, the kettlebells or the rowing machines, but the people.

The people are our magic.

The trouble is, our community has become so used to visiting our physical space, and that not available right here and now as an option. It will be again in the future, but right now, we must adapt. We are forced to either hopelessly wait for opportunity, or to take positive action to make good with what’s available and for some of us, it’s a change in thinking, behaviour or both.

There is no doubt the “CrossFit 3018 experience” has been championed for its incredible powers to help people switch off from their troubles, inspire feelings of great confidence and possibility, and bring out in people a desperation to attack workouts in a way they never would have on their own. It is also true that we have many members whom have chosen to adapt to the offerings available and make the jump to Zoom CrossFit Live Classes.

We have members arriving 5-10 minutes before class for a chin wag as they tidy up their garage gym, sweeping out the leaves and dragging in the equipment they are going to use for the session. We have members expecting each other to attend their regular CrossFit time slot and encouraging them to show up tomorrow at the completion of the class. We have coaches whom are dedicated and consistent, on time to deliver each class, prepared for the session ahead and eagerly watching on to support in technique cues to help members move better, with encouragement to get people moving faster and accountability to ensure they are training within their means during times of physical aggravation or inflammation. Our members are tracking their progress on Wodify and encouraging each other for their efforts and egging others on to beat the lifts or times from previous classes. They want the best for each other.

Honestly, it is totally shit that our CrossFit 3018 family cannot train the way they want to, the way they signed up for and that sucks. A lot of what helps us to show up is the community and the social side of it.

Many of our current members, who are succeeding and staying true to their fitness goals are noticing that, although Zoom live Crossfit classes, aren’t their #1 preference for their daily training experience, the #1 preference of being at factory 18, 36 Aberdeen road (CrossFit 3018 in the gym) isn’t available right now, thanks to the lock down, and whilst it isn’t available, they are choosing the next best experience. What a lot of other members are doing is staying in touch with the programming from the gym, utilising the Wodify tracking system and staying honest with themselves training 3-6 days per week and tracking their training. This is also excellent. Whats important is it has to work for you, and it has to lead you towards your best life.

When it becomes a problem is when you know you aren’t living your best life, that’s when something needs to change. Like I wrote above in the title, locked down, lonely and lazy. Many of you signed up to CrossFIt 3018 or your local gym because you know you need to be surrounded by people, connected and held accountable, that is honestly great self awareness. To know your inclinations and choose to put yourself in a supportive, accountable environment shows you have a great sense of your habits and needs. We need to take that awareness and use it to our advantage. Realise that you have great self awareness and become aware that you aren’t as healthy, fit or strong or connected as you expect yourself to be right now. Notice that the way you want to experience group fitness in Melbourne doesn’t exist right now, notice that not being involved in an empowered, supportive community is not working for you right now and choose to be more involved and connected.

I think being locked down totally sucks and I feel the members that Ive come to know and love, the ones whom are going through this with us, the ones that have left us and anyone who is going through the Melbourne lock down right now, it is tough. The great thing about tough times is, they are a time when average people crumble and inspired people evolve. Each of us, at any moment in time have the chance to choose what we want, how we are going to response to adversity and whom we are going to surround ourselves with to survive and thrive. We believe that choosing CrossFit, is a hedge towards success. Get involved. If you aren’t a member yet, become one. If you’ve been one before, choose to be united again. If you are one and you’re only involved in a low capacity, choose to upgrade your engagement. If you are engaged and loving it, please help our friends to connect, commit and engage.

Wishing each of you love, courage and strength xx


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