Lockdown over: Lets look to the future!

What a time to be alive. Never have we had such access to this level of physical conditioning, education, information and connection. Despite the challenges that are presented with Covid, we are proving over and again that we can thrive in so many ways.

CrossFit 3018 is back and we are re-evaluating the needs of our community and those that will be drawn to us over the coming months and years.

What does that look like:

- Training people in gym with a growing in gym community of inspired members

- Supporting members through competitions online and locally

- Zoom Fitness classes that allow people to grow with us from near and far

- Online movement development and body care

- Bodyweight Training program

- Personal Training live and online

- Online Nutrition support and guidance direct to our community

- Yoga in gym and or to your home

- Conversations that inspire us to step up

- Information and support through online platforms

Really Covid asked us to respond adapt and evolve. Many gyms are back operating as before, we are thinking outside the square and we trust that's what you are looking for.


  • We are back - 5 day lockdown ends: Today 18th Feb

  • Week 4 Masters league workout - Friday Night Lights at 3018, 19th February, from 615pm.

  • Introduction to Snatch, Clean, Jerk and CrossFit: Saturday 10:15am, 20th Feb.

  • Yin Yoga Class: 8am @ CrossFit 3018 Sunday 21st Feb


Shout out to these 4 members for exceptional attendance over the last 4 weeks, despite the 5 day lockdown you have all managed to be involved in an average of 5 or more classes each week and that is outstanding.

  • Vanessa Antoun

  • Emma Ryan

  • Lana Hutton

  • Steven Tabone


The CrossFit Open

From Berlin to Buenos Aires, Boston to Bangkok, athletes compete against each other, and against themselves to put up their best scores in a series of shared workouts over a three-week period. Challenges, triumphs, personal records, and the chance of making the next round.

It doesn't matter if you're 14, 40, or 64. Just starting out or a muscle-up pro. And adaptive athletes are here to win. Compare your results by division, location, gym, or group.

March 11th kicks off the Open workouts. Talk with your coach and make a game plan. We will be offering Friday Night Lights at CrossFit 3018, where members (and drop ins $25) will be able to come along and take part in the CrossFit open with our team.

- Friday 12th March 2021

- Friday 19th March 2021

- Friday 26th March 2021

Register for the CrossFit Open NOW with CrossFit 3018 today, you can get your training in check with a CrossFit 3018 membership here

FREE TRIAL @ CrossFit 3018

Many people tell us that they were "scared" or "nervous" to try CrossFit before they started with us, but they find our approach to training and development safe and fun.

We have a "FREE TRIAL" for you if you are:

- New to 3018

- Are stuck in a rut with your training

- NOT getting results, but working hard for them


- Looking for a community of inspired members

GRAB your free trial link here

Introduction to CrossFit

The biggest hurdles for people starting CrossFit are:

- Limiting beliefs. Thinking they are too old, too fat, not fit enough, not capable

- Lack of action. Many people put of trying CrossFit for 12 months and then wish they started sooner when they do come.

- The Snatch. A weightlifting movement that takes so practice. It develops incredible speed, coordination, muscle activation, overhead stability and leads to great athletic performance in those who stick with it.

- The idea that it costs more than the $12 gym membership they have, that they aren't using, because its boring, not progressive, no one teaches you anything and you feel stuck and helpless.

Our introduction to CrossFit is the path for opening your eyes to what CrossFit has to offer you.

It is a 60 minutes class that cannot possibly cover everything, but aims to prepare you with some basics tips on the snatch, some familiarity with the barbell, exposure to our friendly community and coaches and an experience that is structured for you to succeed despite your current age, health, personal beliefs or history.

JOIN IN 1015am Saturdays - Start this week :) YES INDEED

If you have done CrossFit with us before and want to drop in for a class and reconnect with your training, give us a call on 0400 656 750 or DROP IN anytime

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