John Transformed

You guys are so patient and knowledgeable I love turning up and soaking up something new every session.

But by far the biggest help from you both is with Diet.

I was training hard and regular and although I was getting stronger and fitter I wasn’t seeing the results I craved.

I overheard Spoon talking with someone about an eating plan one day which had me intrigued. I approached you to find out a little bit more about it and if it was something for me.

We had a sit down and discussed what I was eating and why I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. We then went into what I should be eating and you set me up with a tailored meal plan. Within the first few weeks I started to see results, dropping a few kilos and feeling good. Then Christmas hit followed by holidays, bad habits crept back in and the weight started to go back on. I was still getting stronger but not seeing the improvements I desired.

I had a chat with you and you made me be honest with myself. ‘Your not seeing the results because your not sticking to the plan’. You left me with these words that have stayed with me since ‘You can’t out train your diet!’

During this time the 2018 8 week challenge was advertised, I thought stuff this get on it, you know what to do, you know the eating plan just stick to it and see what happens.

I weighed in at 98.3kg and a Visceral fat level of 13 (not good, that’s the bad organ fat, that was a bit of a wake up call). I trained 3 to 4 times per week and stuck to the plan 100%, all the while with those words ‘You can’t out train your diet’. 8 weeks later I weighed in at 89 kg, had a Visceral fat level of 9 (in the healthy range) and was the winner of the challenge.

3 months on my eating habits slackened off a little and I was starting to see it on the scales, 90, 91 creeping up. I was still training the same amount even getting stronger, lifting heavier but the weight was creeping in the WRONG direction.

Again, those words ‘You can’t out train your diet’ were ringing in my head. Another wake up call, don’t lose what you’ve worked so hard for.

3 months on from that I’m weighing in at 85kg feeling strong, healthy and full of energy.

It’s become a habit. When I make a meal I make 2,3 or more servings, eat one freeze or refrigerate the others. I get my meals ready for work the night before, and make sure I always have spares in the freezer. Sure I still go out for dinner occasionally and have a beer or two with friends but I just try and make better choices and the next day I’m straight back on healthy balanced meals and snacks because YOU CAN’T OUT TRAIN YOUR DIET!

Thanks for everything Tricko and Gill.

I’ve attached a few photos of my transformation, it’s pretty easy to work out the before and afters.Emoji

John Mc.

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