If it moves you, it matters to you.

I just don’t think people get that everything we do is creating momentum.

Our actions are creating momentum, either away from our goals or moving towards them.

I think we need to take a moment sometimes and re-evaluate our life …  or maybe its not even that dramatic… maybe we just need to take a moment and put the spotlight on one of our habits and ask the tough question:

– Is this moving me in the direction that I want it to?  – Is this consistent with who I am as a person? – Is this congruent with the promises I make to myself?  – Is this meeting my values of health, business, family, relationships or not? 

If its a bit of a shock… if the answer to your question is a no… acknowledge yourself for being honest. Awareness and honesty and two important ingredients. In fact, quite often awareness of a habit not being congruent with the kind of person you want to be can often be enough for you to decide ‘fuck it” I’m not going to do that anymore. 

Too often we wait until things are really screwed up in life before we put our actions under the spotlight. Take a look at them now. What’s missing? What’s frustrating? The frustrations you are carrying are a reflection of you not living up to a standard that you’ve set for yourself. Feelings are feedback that you are, or that you are not, living life on your terms. Get present, and if you you want to, you can change it. Doing shit over and over again that is un-inspiring, boring, not congruent with who you are as a person is draining. We’ve all been drained before, we all know what its like, but the people that are crushing it, the people that spend more time smiling than groaning, the people that are more grateful than grumpy are those people that spend more time being true to themselves. So make a change. Even the small stuff makes a big difference, especially if it moves you and it matters to you:

– Throw in 5 minutes of exercise first thing in the morning if you aren’t training or want better energy  – Take a 15 minute power nap in the middle of the day if you are missing sleep (You’ll probably improve productivity and be happier). – Set up an automatic bank transfer every week to your savings account, big or small if you want your money to grow.  – Take a shower everyday and see how good it feels (if you are forgetting to have one) – Step it up, big or small, make a positive movement. 

Whoever it is that you want to be, be it, be your own hero. Create a superhero in your mind, a hero that lives an extraordinary life on their terms, and then be that hero.

There is nothing more empowering, inspiring and fulfilling that living life on your terms, taking actions on the things that really matter to you and being a person of integrity.

Happy Thursday

Tristan Enright #2minutesWithTricko

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