Healthy Selfishness

Taking care of your mindset, beliefs and thoughts is as important as taking care of your body. In fact, without being aware and conscious of your current beliefs and attitudes, its nearly impossible to live the life you desire.

Most people want to change, most people need to change, they just don’t understand 2 things:

  1. Why they do what they do

  2. Who they need to be in order to create the change

FOR THE LAST 15 years…

Ive been fascinated about Personal development, more than that…

And what I really mean is an exploration of human behaviour and performance.

What makes some people thrive in “tough situations” and other people crumble

Why do some people suffer injury and it affects their entire life, with feelings of:

  1. Frustration

  2. Anger

  3. Limitation

  4. Suffering

and thoughts like:

Why me?

and this self pity and frustration is followed up with:

  1. poor food choices

  2. low activity levels

  3. increasing focus on drama and problems

  4. the attraction of others with equal self pity

…And ultimately an environment that is not rewarding and not supportive of creating positive outcomes

Then there are that others don’t seem to miss a beat:

  1. Constantly moving forward no matter what the obstacle

  2. Seeking new ways to keep fit and healthy

  3. Forever building their weaknesses

  4. And focused on results not reasons

What about the experience of being jobless and having no career:

  1. Self worth dissipates

  2. You feel useless

  3. Hopeless

  4. Unwanted

  5. Not significant

  6. Frustrated

Or the alternative where others lose their job and smile about it…

  1. Confidently assured they will find employment

  2. Excited to connect more with friends and family

  3. Eager to get involved in hobbies

  4. Active in seeking new employment

  5. Focused on all the opportunities in front of them

I truly believe the key to a great life is great experiences. And after all, we are human beings, we are being here to experience a human existence. We are here to experience.

And our experiences are determined by a few things:

  1. Our perceptions and;

  2. Our procedures

Our perceptions being the way that we percieve:

  1. Ourself

  2. Our circumstances

  3. Our Opportunities

  4. Relationships

  5. Life itself

Our procedures including:

  1. The things we do

  2. The actions we take

So the reason you all are sitting in this room today is ultimately because you believe that creating a change in mind, your health and your fitness will lead to a greater experience of life.

Who agrees with that?

For a lot of us this challenge has been about:

  1. Getting great results

  2. Moving towards what we want

  3. Making “us” or “me” a priority

  4. Exploring new possibilities and learnings

And what I know for sure is that…

“when we take care of us and who we need to be, life just works”.

For each of you to step up and say yes to this challenge you have exercised your “healthy selfishness muscle”.

The fact that you are sitting in this chair today is because you made this personal development session, your personal development, a priority. You exercised your “healthy selfishness muscle”.

Just like kids need to learn to share, adults need to learn to become selfish.

Most People

  1. Want to be liked

  2. Worry that if they don’t ‘go along’ that they wont belong

  3. Sacrifice, unconsciously, their own hopes and dreams to keep the peace.

  4. Don’t know how to say ‘no’ to others and ‘yes’ to themselves

Today I want to explore the alternative, where we become the priority, where we set up our life, our whole life, the way we want it.

Todays session will give you an understanding of the pattens behind why we do what we do…

and before we go there we need to create some clear distinctions:

1/ Beliefs are possibility filters. 2/ “Whether you think you can or you think you cant you are right”. 3/ Beliefs are made up bull shit. 4/ Fears are False evidence appearing real, so to are beliefs False evidence appearing real. So why not provide yourself with evidence that supports you and your being. 5/ Beliefs provide us with certainty in an uncertain world…. 6/ The most resourceful belief is belief in oneself.

If you would like the entire 45 minute audio of Coach Tristan’s teachings around healthy selfish-ness please enquire.

We will arrange payment and postage within 48 hours so that you can enjoy the results you deserve.

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