Get results from home with the 2 great training options

Matt Cahoon: Dropped 20kg and has been a CrossFit 3018 role model now for 8 years.

The Covid pandemic has shaken up the world and made us all re-evaluate the way we live our lives, what matters and how we operate.

As a business in Altona, Victoria, we’ve had to adapt to the challenges of heavy restrictions and gym lockdowns and through that create opportunity for our members to thrive from home.

Our members results speak for themselves and we want to share the options we have available so that you too can share in the success.

Option 1: Bodyweight 2.0

$10/wk, Get great results with just your body! This training program is delivered through Wodify which is our athlete application. this allows our members to view the workout of the day, click on the links to access the video tutorials and movement demonstrations and also record their scores so that when a workout is repeated, your progress is tracked and you get notified when you’ve improved. We encourage anyone interested in keeping fit, healthy and active for life to participate in this membership, for just $10 a week this will keep you fit for your family, for footy, golf, netball or whatever hobby you have and you’ll have fun doing it which is most important.

Option 2: CrossFit Zoom and Bodyweight 2.0 combo

$35/wk: Ultimate accountability and support

This program option is what most of our members have chosen during the gym shut down and you can see why. It includes everything you read above from the Bodyweight 2.0 program and the added benefit of live CrossFit classes to your screen multiple times per week. These CrossFit classes can be done with as little as a dowel and a few dumbbells and cater to the most elite CrossFit home gym set up. We program these CrossFit classes like we would for our CrossFit affiliate CrossFit 3018, and our educated coaches help the members on the live zoom to make the best adaptions with the equipment they have as well as guiding them and encouraging them to get the most from each class.

UPGRADE your commitment to yourself

If you haven’t already signed up to a CrossFit 3018 membership, NOW is the time to get onboard. You deserve it.

Note: Online Private Coaching Available from 7th September. Taking bookings now.

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