Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Found an old journal of mine. Saw this picture. It’s one I’ve drawn a few times over my life. It never gets easier you just get better keeps coming up for me.

Part of the reason I’m attracted to CrossFit is that constant and never ending drive for better and I know that.. I know… that to keep getting better I must get out of my comfort zone.

The patterns, the skills, the attitudes and beliefs, the behaviours that got me here to this level will not support my personal growth at the next level. We know this intellectually.

The action of a 5km run done regularly will support us for another 5km run, maybe a 7km run, the odd 10km run or on a really brave day a 14km run but whilst the 5km runs are good, it’s the pushing and pressing for 7s, 10s and 14s that really stretch us and take us to a whole new level combined ofcourse with the consistency of completing the 5kms.

The belief that I am worthy of great things must be repeatedly hammered into us. Anyone who has kids knows this, you want to fill them with confidence so that they feel anything is possible, but not so much that they think everything will be handed to them On a silver platter either.

The rules we need as a 7 year old are required to keep us far away from the oven so we don’t burn our hands, stop us from getting run over by cars and avoid us from drowning hence we are told not to get too close to the oven, we are warned away from the roads and cars and we are told not to step too close to the edge of the pool.

As kids we are taught more from adults about how to stay safe and alive because that’s what we need to know. As adults what we need is to embrace a little discomfort, learn to trust in ourselves to be able to handle challenge and in the face of hardship know that good things come from doing the hard thing.

As kids we need to be filled with possibility and potential. We are born unable to roll over and feed ourselves and completely dependant on our carers and soon we develop skills and abilities.

Our first ever head bump is the worst thing in the world, our first needle (ultimate pain), the first time mum says no (tantrum). Soon we build a tolerance. Soon we become accustomed to being hurt, soon we expect to be told no. Soon a certain amount of love, a certain amount of success, a certain amount of attention…. soon… if you will look… you will see that we have put limits on our own capacity or our own potential.

We have grown from literally nothing, into dependant beings, into what we are today. Who are we to limit our potential.

How dare we suggest we can’t do something. How selfish to limit our capacity to serve others by playing small. How careless to only seek the potential we have taught ourselves or learned is available to us. How dare we claim we can’t afford it. How dare we claim we are not good enough.

We are truly amazing, incredible beings born into a world of infinite possibility, here to experience, to be, to have a human experience where we are being the ultimate version of us. Being our authentic self. Being you is always enough. Being you is the best you can ever do and it’s Fucking amazing to be you if you stop trying to be someone else.

We are awesome. And the moment we stop trying to meet the expectations and standards of our parents or some significant other and take care of ourselves and who we are, then and only then are we able to be a support, an influence, and inspiration to someone else.

Fitness is a vehical for personal development. Fitness is a vehical for health. Fitness is a vehical for greater connection with other human beings Fitness is a vehical for for seeking physical weaknesses Fitness is a vehical for identifying mental weaknesses (what you’re avoiding)

Whatever action you are avoiding is likely less about the action you want to avoid but more about the feeling you wish to stay clear of – be it failure, discomfort, embarrassment. That feeling is likely the very thing you need to embrace to become more at peace with yourself.

Let go of the barriers, let go of the stories, let go of the weakness. Be more you. Be more real.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Love Tricko x

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