3 CrossFit Stigmas

At CrossFit 3018 we know that #CrossFit has a stigma

The stigma surrounding CrossFit seems to be largely centred around these main ideas:

- CrossFit is all about "how heavy?" or "how fast?" and not about technique. THAT'S BS

- CrossFit is a cult... THAT'S BS

- CrossFit is Dangerous, THATS BS

When you walk into CrossFit 3018 for your first class what you will notice is that the coach keeps a keen eye on all the athletes and is committed to influencing the outcomes of their strength and conditioning training.

You will notice the coach walking up to beginner athletes and stopping to educate them, demonstrate proper technique and stay until improvements are made. The coach will also address more experienced members of the community, like making small adjustments to their form, or simply encouraging them to commit fully and apply themselves.

No matter how bad we want everyone to go faster and heavier, we know that FAST and HEAVY is a by product of "#Mechanics" and "#Consistency". Once you have great mechanics and you can repeat them consistently, adding speed and load is a natural progressing, not a result from yelling, screaming and demanding unnecessarily from your members.

SO is CrossFit a #cult?

Well maybe...

We have weird language like many fitness places. You go to reformer pilates and they say words like put one foot in the well and the other on the bar. Excuse me?

You come to CrossFit and we might say "Hows your snatch?", referring to the olympic lifting movement that is a benchmark for knowing how experienced a CrossFitter typically is. If you cant snatch your bodyweight as a male and 3/4 bodyweight as a female then we can dramatically improve your CrossFit results, Power, Speed, Strength, coordination, flexibility, balance and an array of other things along the way.

We also make lifelong friends. We have members and past members who still catch up, invite each other to birthdays and celebrate each others weddings and anniversaries. We have people that meet outside for burgers, bike rides and triathlons. We have people that show up to class hoping that their mate will be there too. Thats pretty cult like haha.

AND Whats the other one...

Is CrossFit #Dangerous?

Well, anything is dangerous. But its about mitigating risk as a business and as a member of our community.

We encourage people to:

- Be conscious in the environment

- To leave your ego at the door

- Listen to the coaches advise

- Keep weights lighter than you want to in the first 2-3 months

- Develop consistent mechanics

- Learn to climb the ropes with proper technique and only go as high as you feel safe coming down from

- We use proper matting under our ropes and have padded mats for those wanting it for pull ups and things, its in the gym available to all.

- We teach people how to brace their core to support large loads

- We build strong bodies that can tolerate more demands.

Most #injuries happening from within the members of our community are coming largely from people twisting weird at home and hurting their back, playing social sport where they didn't warm up properly and tweaked something or ignoring the pain signal in their body and still pushing through it. Tell the coaches if you are sore and they will adjust the session for you. Its always best to walk away knowing you took care of your body, because tomorrow, they pain might have gone or reduced, as opposed to making it 10x worse.

So is CrossFit dangerous. NAH. Its people that are dangerous.

We just need to progress slowly, that's why CrossFit 3018 has great coaches that keep you safe and teach you to move properly.

Our intro Classes prepare you for the #functional #movements we teach in #CrossFit

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