From Fearful to Fabulous – Zoe Marcelino

Below is a thank you email from Zoe reflecting on the year that had been for her at CrossFit 3018, Altona.

Zoe has shown tremendous courage in the face of adversity, humour in times of challenge, focus when it would be easy to get lost in overwhelm and humility and honesty in sharing the recap of her experience.

Thanks Zoe for being a wonderful, supportive, inspiring and courageous part of our CrossFit 3018 family. Xx



Zoe’s Email ⬇️

Tricko, and the entire Crossfit 3018 team,

Tomorrow marks 1 year with Crossfit 3018, and a true turning point in the life of Zoe.

I remember Aaron asking my to come along to last years Australia Day bring a friend class. My answer, simply no.

Now I loved crossfit, always have, in South Australia we had a great gym and community. So why no, because I knew it was going to be hard, I knew I had gone so far backwards, but mostly I was scared to put myself out there to be judged and not be good enough.

During the year I had been diagnosed with Sjorgrens, loosing most of the feeling in my face, neck and leg and having constant pain and fatigue, and I was still trying to process what this meant for me and my life.

Aaron let me know he was going anyway, so I last minute said yes, got dressed and got in the car. In the car park, I panicked and didn’t want to get out of the car, Aaron talked me into give today a go, you don’t need to come back.

This tricko is where you come in, walk in to your HUGE welcoming smile, answer some questions (consider running out several times), then find myself hi five giving and getting smiles from every single person in that box. I completed a team workout with strangers and had a ball. From this moment I was hooked. I was hooked because I feel welcome every time I walk in the door, I feel like I am good enough, I feel I can do better, and I have learnt through the amazing Crossfit 3018 team that I just need to move, everyday to the best of my ability.

I have learnt to love what my body does for me everyday.

I have learnt to keep going, keep trying, and keep smiling.

Through this I have not only improved me, but the entire family.

I am stronger, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I am no longer a victim, I own me.

I am grateful, and so blessed to have walked into your community.


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