FREE TRIAL or Trial week

CrossFit 3018 is your friend in fitness and has been for many people now for 7 years.

We know the importance of getting started on the right foot and with that in mind we have many ways for you to begin safely:


Bodyweight 2.0 is perfect for 'Not ready Eddie" or "Super scared Betty". This is a program that includes a weekly set of 6 workouts with video tutorials. The workouts are hard, and you will develop your fitness, however you can do them from the comfort of your home and you can scale and vary the workouts to suit your "lack of fitness" with the advice of coach Tristan in the video tutorials. Great kick start for those who definitely won't commit, for $10 per week, less than $2/day you will be sorted with bodyweight "CrossFit" style workouts that can be done in 40 minutes, from warm up to cool down. GET IT NOW


CrossFit free fundamentals class or introductory class on Saturday at 10:15am is perfect for "Newby ruby" or "First time Fred" who is interested in learning the basics of CrossFit from how to lift, to how move and why we scale workouts. The class is free every Saturday bar the odd public holiday. Get involved, from here you can take up a week trial with the confidence that you are up to speed, you have a relationship with one of our coaches and you are familiar with the space and the expectations for you in a variety of workouts and movements. FREE INTRO YES PLEASE


CrossFit Trial Weeks are perfect for those people who have been active in CrossFit at other boxes and are trialling a change, for those who have been involved at F45 or Personal training and have some barbell experience and want to give CrossFit a try to see if it creates epic results and you love it. It allows you the ability to book into classes and get involved immediately in the community and training. But, just because your an EAGER BEAVER doesn't mean you should overlook the Free intro to CrossFit on Saturday, you can learn a lot there and advance your results way faster with that extra time training closely on the basics with a coach. SIGN ME UP WEEKLY


Personal Training is a great way to get started and can be arranged for those looking to have a more personalised starting experience. These sessions can be arranged via the contact us link on the website as we will need to know a bit more about you and arrange a coach to suit your time of availability. Get it right Rod will love the extra attention and time focusing on mastering the basics and it will allow him to move into class with greater confidence.


Regardless of what path you take, our coaches are #passionate, #educated and #attentive and ready to help you through your #CrossFitJourney.

We've all be #NewToCrossFit, one day you'll be the #ExperiencedMember helping out the next bloke. Its all a circle of gains at 3018 xx

Get involved today, your way!

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