Evolve or Revolve

Theres a saying in the personal development world that very well applies to every area of our life… we are either evolving or revolving.

These blokes are evolving all the time and theres a bunch of reasons why I know this to be true. I believe that as our community has evolved, so too have these men and the reason is they have embraced the following characteristics.

In the CrossFit environment and I believe in life there are certain characteristics that we must own in order to live a successful, enjoyable and evolving life. Here are a few that I believe truly matter: – Accountability – Integrity – Curiosity – Playfulness – Growth

Accountability: – Following through on your decisions – Giving 100% in strength pieces and in workouts – Showing up to class, not just physically, showing up ready to deliver your best. – Applying yesterdays teachings to todays training.

*We want people that show up because they want to be here and they know that our program delivers to those that participate fully. There are no lack of resources at CrossFit 3018. You have the best coaches in the world who work around the clock helping passionate members, one hell of a class timetable, incredible personal trainers and awesome facilities.

Integrity: – Being honest with yourself about where you are at and where you are going – Getting clear about how you need to change in terms of behaviour, attitude, application. – Honouring your commitments to yourself

*The blame and victim mentality will only hold you back. You won’t always get it right. You’ll have moments of doubt or times when you aren’t as regular or consistent as you’d hoped. Simply be honest and truthful and get back on track.

This team has the answers to the questions you haven’t asked yet. – Strength: Michael #3 Strongest Man in the world – Movement and sport rehab: Alira #5 Strongest Woman in the world – Explosiveness: Phillip Commonwealth Games Bronze Medallist Snatch 155kg CJ 190kg – Gymnastics and CrossFit Methodology: Tristan 6 Year CrossFit athlete and 3018 affiliate owner – Competitive CrossFit and Fuel: Gillian 5 Year CrossFitter

Curiosity – Eagerness to learn – Child like wonder about why we do things – Desire to know

*Spoon and Pk have been insanely and inspiringly curious over the last 5 years and that has not only been great for them to learn but its helped us to attract and seek out the answers to what matters to them. The best coaches evolve just like the athletes do, so by being a curious athlete you are also testing your coaches. Also for learning purposes, there’s a reason why we hook grip and why we program the way we do. Theres a reason why we do certain warm up exercises before strength pieces… learn why  we teach what we teach and become the most informed and intelligent athlete you can become.


– Have a laugh – Be okay with not getting it right all the time – Joke around in between your strength piece – Make training fun – Play fully

*Playfulness is important so that you don’t get wrapped up taking things too seriously. Theres definitely a balance. Go hard as you can, and also be prepared to have a laugh. Give 100% and if you miss, forgive yourself try again if you desire and then allow your curiosity as to how to be better take over. Bring a sense of joy to training, you are here for you, because you decided, treat it like play time.


– Improvements in attitude – Athletic behaviour – Increased Intensity – New levels of skill – More efficient technique – Greater focus and output – Postive and growing friendship network – Personal evolution

*Growth as it relates to all things. As you evolve as a person so to do all habits, relationships and thought.

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