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One of the main reasons people contact me or get involved in exercise is to increase energy because they are feeling tired from working all day in the office.

This common tiredness and fatigue in the office is often countered by consuming cakes, baking, Soft drinks and energy drinks.

It can even become quite a social experience where everyone comes together for soft drinks, energy drinks and snacks that make you feel good for at least 15 minutes and then you go back to work feeling refocused for 30 minutes until the effects wear off.

The benefits of the energy drinks (and equally the benefit of being energise) is improved mood, alertness, thought production, faster decisions and a more stimulating experience. 

Here is a 24 hour breakdown of what we experience “post drinking” a can of red bull… True or true??


According to Johns Hopkins University, in a 2007 survey of 496 college students, 51 percent consumed at least one energy drink a week, and 19 percent of students reported heart palpitations from consuming energy drinks. Although the caffeine from Red Bull Sugar Free may make you more alert and energized, only sleep will actually replenish your energy and prevent fatigue.

Energy is physical, mental and emotional


  1. the amount of energy you will experience will be a direct relationship with the quality, quantity and balance of the foods and fluids you consume. The health industry is not a billion dollar industry for no reason. Get a meal plan for yourself and put the right amount of good energy into your body so that you can experience consistent energy throughout the day and night.

  2. You will experience energy based your bodies ability to pump oxygen and blood around the body. Get fitter and strong and watch the amount of energy you have for everything, go through the roof.

  3. The way you stand and hold yourself. Poor posture and body language sends signals to the brain of fatigue and therefor an experience of fatigue is created.


  1. You will experience energy when you are stimulated by the task in-front of you. Don’t to too fast to blame the task giver… you can choose to focus on the challenges within any task or stimulate yourself by setting benchmarks around the level of quality required or the kind of timeframe you wish to have it completed by.


  1. Our emotional state relates back to our thoughts. What we are thinking determines what we are feeling.

  2. Boredum is the result of not taking care of your own stimulation (See mentally)

  3. Overwhelm comes from an unrealistic expectation to achieve too much in a short amount of time. In this case, chunk down your list of thing to achieve into smaller groups, prioritise most important to least important and set yourself action steps. Its amazing how much time we waste in thought and starring into space when we feel overwhelmed. Get focused, chunk down and take action on wheat truly matters… you will feel energised and amazing.

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