Energise your results and win!

Energy is life force. Iyf you are alive there is energy pulsing through you and it’s up to you to either amplify that or minimise it.

What do winners do?

Winners: – Find a way to win – Maximise every moment – Are outcome focused – Care less about feelings and more about results – Change their state to create the result

What do Losers do: – Find reasons why they suck – Have no clear idea or outcome in mind – Are not focused – Make how they feel energetically determine their output and success on a given day

When I talk about winners and losers here I am not suggesting that you are a winner or a loser. What I am making clear, is the difference between a winners energy and mindset compared to those that just dish up whatever happens.

If you want to maximise your performance you need to know what would be a killer outcome. What would be awesome today?

– What would be a great stretch? – What would I have to lift for 3 reps based off my current 1 rep max for the deadlift. – What time would I love to get? – How would I like to go faster than today in this workout? – How many reps in a row would be an awesome challenge?

Winners get clear on their outcome so that they can win. Winners get bored when there’s no challenge, no end game. It’s up to you, each of you individually to set benchmarks and challenges for yourselves that stretch and challenge you so that you can win!

Some people say winning isn’t everything. I disagree, winning is everything. Winning can be maximising your time in the great weather, having stimulating conversations with friends that you choose to hang with or putting the washing out on the line so that you (or your family) have clean clothes.

Winning is a way of life and you make the rules. So get clear on what you want from life, what you want from your training and what really matters and then go and get what you deserve.

Happy days

Tristan (Tricko) Enright

Athlete in picture: Ronaldo (Alexa’s Dad and Coach) and Alexa winning the under 18s tennis competition at 13 y/o

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