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Ever since I was 12 years old I developed and insatiable desire to learn. If anything I noticed that success leaves clues in the people that are doing it. Turns out that most people who create a certain level of success give away information generally for free about how to create it. So, i find myself today sitting here wondering, as I often do in my spare time, what are my gifts that I can share with you to help you to step up and take on the next level of you?

The people that I find I’m a terrific influence on are those that are hungry for improvements in their life, typically as it relates to fitness and fulfilment. People come to me with a thrirst for learning and the coming question is “Tricko how do I get some of what you’ve got?”

So here is one key aspect.


Tell me, would that be useful?

Energy is the source of everything we do. Everything has energy, everything has an energetic charge and you can tell how people are feeling and what they are thinking based on the level of energy they are entertaining. So, If you are going to rock out in this life you have to up your energy levels. Tony Robbins talks about this all the time and I’ve had the privilege of studying a lot of Tonys materials. Many people have written texts on energy and I believe the key is to move, breath and think with purpose.

The more we can purposefully breath the more centred we feel. The movements that we do whether we are walking, jogging sprinting or involved in a CrossFit workout, do it with a purpose because purpose drives energy. In our thinking, we must be kind to ourselves. Negitivity zaps energy, gratitude is the food of the soul. So take the time on this breathing moving journey to think of 3 things that you could be truly grateful for in your life that have shaped you to become who you are.

Even doing just 1 of the above exercises; breathing, or moving, or changing the focus of your mind from anything to gratitude you will create a shift in your overall well being. We must train ourselves to be energised, because we are habit forming machines, and we don’t want the tired habits. The same way we get in poor habits of eating, we get in poor habits of thinking too. We also create poor habits of focus and as we focus on all the things that suck in our life or how unlucky we are, our physiology shifts too and our shoulders begin to round, our breathing becomes shallow and our eye level drops to the floor in front of us.

Reading about leaders, the most purposeful passionate business leaders are planning and preparing for 10 years or more in advance, hows that for for-sight..? On the other hand new businesses often are struggling to make it to the end of the day before thinking about tomorrows tasks, and to even focused on vision, stuck in the operations. How far forward are you thinking about your athletic developments will give you an insight into how passionate and committed you are to rocking at health and fitness.

The broader your vision for yourself the more energised and successful you will be and the better you will be making your set backs seem on the way to greatness rather than in the way of greatness.

Pick up your standards, lift your gaze from the floor, manage your breathing and in demanding more from yourself allow yourself to fuck up and fall over because with a bigger vision for yourself in mind those small stumbles seem less important.

Be thankful for the learnings you get from tripping knowing you will be better for it and give thanks for the lesson that made you better than you could possibly imagine. The difference between making that Clean and jerk and missing it is 9 times out of 10 whats going on between the mmd body link and they both reflect each other.

Have an energising day

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