Don't make the coaches guess

Over the last 9 years of coaching and observing within my own CrossFit box and many around the world, one of the responsibilities that is least focused on is the athlete responsibility with regards to their relationship with their coaches.

Whether it be a CrossFit box, a #Personal #Trainer, a Yoga instructor or whatever, having a conversation about how you like to be coached, your intentions behind getting coaching and what you want to achieve in the time you spend training is a critical conversation to have.

Most #coaches have their own strengths and weaknesses, they also see things through their own personal lens of experience and without clear communication and a commitment to ongoing feedback the coach is left guessing how to support the athlete.

At CrossFit 3018 we believe as coaches that we have a very important role. We are the direct contact point with members on a daily basis and that mean we are not only dealing with the robotics of a members movement and #performance, we are also observing, supporting and challenging our members during emotional and stressful days. There are often situations stressful work situations, family troubles, relationship frustrations or sometime just shit happens and we as coaches need to be sensitive to this fact. As members, you can imagine that it can be quite hard to guess sometimes.

We also ask that you as members continue to give us feedback about how you like to be supported, guided and developed. Very few people instinctively do this, however those that have that conversation and relationship with their coach, will tend to be way more successful in their growth.

The two great benefits that come from this open communication are:

- Trust

- Awareness

Whether you have a niggling injury or your are pregnant, the coach can understand and quickly support you in adapting the training plan or exercises. If you have had a shit day, the coach has the awareness to be gentle with you and make the focus more on fun. If you don't respond well to be yelled at during workouts then the coach knows to walk up close to you and challenge you in a different way. If being yelled at drives better performance some members have often asked to call them awful names as a show of respect and commitment to them, and they respond by pushing harder. It may be that you really appreciate the technical side of movement and you appreciate being acknowledged for a solid lift from across the room or you thrive on feedback, so any time you walk past me whether I'm moving good or shit please just say something so that I can learn. Whatever it is, every coach has a different style, but the coach that cares will adapt to support the athlete and the athlete that cares about getting better will create an honest relationship with their coaches.

So speak up, talk about what you like, what helps you and thank you coaches honestly for the things they do that you really appreciate and watch your experience improve everyday and your results soar.



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