Don’t be average

So you know you need to #GetFit and you are looking for the place that is going to be the best for you to create an awesome outcome.

Thats pretty much a common story:

– I’m looking to lose 10kgs

– I want to get toned

– I need more energy

– I’m not motivated

– My gym closed down and I’m looking for a great community where people have high  standards

It seems that around 1 in 10 people these days actually know what a great experience is when it comes to CrossFit, fitness coaching or personal training.

What do do you think matters?

We asked ourself this question before we opened and a few things were consistent from owners right through to existing personal training clients:

– To matter and have a sense of importance and belonging

– To progress and get better

– To have fun, fun in the session, fun with the coach or fun with the people.

– To have variety and challenge

It seems most people when they are seeking a gym or a fitness coach aren’t appreciating the value of these factors. Many are looking for:

– The cheapest

– The closest

– The cleanest

– The biggest

Whilst cheap is attractive may seem great at first, when the facility looks expensive and shiny…. a cheap product that adds little value to your sense of importance or belonging, adds no progress to your training or results, has no impact on your day and isn’t fun or engaging and doesn’t connect you with people that are stimulating is not really worth the little money it costs.

9 our of 10 people are not getting the results they want, they don’t know what they want and they are getting sucked into the idea that having a gym membership or going to a group class that barely lasts an hour and isn’t educational is developing them as a human.

This idea that sweating is actually a great thing and the sign of a good workout is the lowest possible standard of excellence it’s embarrassing.

Sweating is the response of the body having an elevated temperature Leading to the body facilitating its cool down function.

A good workout is multi facicted:

– It is progressive

– Challenging

– Stimulating

Fitness ia about adaptation. Becoming a better version of yourself, having more energy, more strength, more capacity to get work done, better health benchmarks, improved flexibility and stability.

Most peoples definition of health health is the abscence of sickness.

Most people are average.

Excellence is an attitude

Excellende is a way of life

Excellence is what it takes to go from dissatisfied and average to living the life you deserve

Common is easy

Be excellent

Get involved with a community that is progressive, stimulating, challenge and caring who can take you from where you are and show you what you are capable of and guide you every step of the way.

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