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Deb Pace is our resident mindset coach every 3rd Saturday of the month and this month we were privileged to discuss and explore the “peak performance formula”. This simple yet powerful formula is one of the methods Deb uses in her coaching to create results.

The Formula looks like this:

PP = (P x T) + S x A + B

KEY PP = Peak Performance or the outcome we are seeking to achieve (Your desired result) P = Passion T = Talent S = Support A = Action B = Belief or Inner Knowing

Passion: Everybody knows that to get great results in any area of life and incredible amount of passion must exist in order for you to persist through the inevitable challenges and road blocks that are going to present themselves. In sport the road blocks may be the everyday muscle soreness, the requirement to learn and study nutrition, consistent action, the requirement to continually improve and all that needs to get done to achieve Peak Performance (Your desired result). Without passion you won’t even bother to begin. So the question yesterday became… If the outcome is to get 1 strict pull up (1 un-assisted pull up) Why does this excite you? The passion behind it, the why it matters may be a feeling of reward for achievement, it may be the thrill of how your body transformed in order to achieve the pull up or even a sense of attractiveness to yourself. Having passion is a key element so the question of what are you passionate about or why does your outcome matter must be answered.

Talent: In regards to talent we discussed the level of self awareness that was required in order to identify your talent potential. In every area of life we all have a talent potential, some of us can do all the right things, follow the same steps of elite world class downhill skiers, however we may never actually reach the pinnacle of professional skiing. Why, some of us don’t have enough talent… its very likely that if we meet all the elements of peak performance other than talent (passion + Support + Action + Belief) that we will likely become very good, maybe even great, however there is a certain level of talent that is required to reach the pinnacle in a sport or profession…eg Usain Bolt. The question here is, If I do everything possible, will I be okay that that is good enough? Or, would I be better off (perhaps in business) hiring someone else to do it. In sport I may seek prowess in a different sport. In fitness it may be that handstand walking 100m for time is your outcome and as it relates to talent, you may not know whether you have the talent to achieve it, so its then having the self awareness to set a more reasonable outcome that perhaps you do believe you have the talent to achieve, and then building knowledge and confidence in your own talents.

Support: Who do you need around you to achieve your outcome? Do you have these people around you? If not, you need to go and get them. Professional athletes have the self belief (Personal Support), Familial support, Coaching support, Psychological support (Mindset coaches, Sport psychologists), as well as having the physical support (fitness coaches, osteopaths) as well as the lesser considered, business relationships (Sponsors, business relationship) that support the athlete financially, friendships (The mental release and balanced life). The requirement of a support network is also really well met through our CrossFit program with a community that consists of friendly fellow members, educated athletes, fitness coaches, Personal Trainers, Mindset coaching and an array of suggestions when it comes to physiotherapists and osteopath so assist any physical challenges that you may need to manage.

Action: Action is probably the most commonly known piece of the puzzle that gets remembered, discussed and appreciated as the part of actually showing up to work on your relationships with your spouse, actually turning up to the gym on time and going through your rehabilitation exercises or the action of preparing your meals so that you do eat what you planned to and don’t get something convenient that is going to move you away from your outcome. Action is as critical as the rest of the formula. What actions do you need to take to meet your outcome?

Every 3rd Saturday of the month Deb will be at CrossFit 3018 and if you would like to come please contact us. Also you can get a personality profile done from Deb and shortcut your way to some deep personal insights.

Great monthly chat, thanks Deb.

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