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What is your morning routine? Is a question I got asked by my chiropractor @BenRoufailChiro last week.

My morning routine is quite simple: Wake up 5:15am Do all the basics toilet, teeth, wash face Take the dog out for a leek Kiss my wife on the head and tell her I love her Kiss the dogs on the head and tell them Daddy loves them. Walk out the door with a coffee

It’s that morning routine that grounds me and makes me feel connected to something more than myself whilst also feeling cared for as I have everything I need… clean clothes, coffee and my health.

As I walk out to my car my routine is getting me ready to crush it at the box: Re-thinking the workout I’m about to coach Focusing on getting into a powerful positive state Considering the most important coaching points Considering possible intentions for the athletes in regards to approaching the workout ahead of them

It’s like my pre-game warm up and it works for me. There’s been days in the past where I felt disorganised and rushed and it was often a lack of preparation, focus and intention. These days that’s rarely the case because I have a routine and it’s habit. I just start thinking this way.

When I arrive at CrossFit 3018 it’s all about preparing the environment for best athlete experience: Computers set up for sign in Music on to create mood and energy Roller door up and lights on Quick tidy up in necessary (hopefully not, I like the gym in good Nik the night before).

So you can see even by 6am when my day starts so much has taken place in a positive way to get me to a position where I can effect a positive influence o others and through this routine I also take great confidence and certainly knowing “I am ready” and ready for anything.

So now my question to you is, what routine would you like to create? What habits physically (actions) and mentally (notes or considerations) would lead you towards being more effective on a consistent basis.

Maybe it’s a training routine of stretching before a workout: – Focus on why I’m stretching, 3 benefits of mobilising – Follow a 10 stretch / exercise warm up toutine – Notice how much my body is opening up and warming up to the task ahead – Allow myself to feel ready mentally and physically

When creating a routine it’s about getting the most out of life. Maximising your enjoyment and or maximising your results. In order to maximise this, what is the routine I need? That’s the question.

In order to have great success with eating a good days nutrition for the next 3 work days, what do I need to do?

– Cook 3 zoned omellettes for next 3 days of breakfast – Whilst waiting to cook make a massive saled and tear away chicken from roast chook for 3 lunches – Put clean protein shaker in bag for tomorrow’s 2 x Progenex More muscle shakes with #Build – Set out cutlery and crockery for tomorrow’s breakfast – Write myself a note “enjoy this feast I prepared for me”

Humans are like well oiled machines. We like to think we are unique and against the grain but we are very much creatures of habit. Our results we are getting are a reflection of our habits not a reflection of what we deserve in life. If you want to improve the quality of your life or change the results you are getting, set up some new empowering routines that will get you there.

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