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The Level 1 CrossFit Trainer Course provides an introductory education on the fundamental principles and movements of CrossFit. Many of our members have found it valuable to spend the weekend with CrossFit seminar staff to advance their knowledge and really absorb the CrossFit methodology. It is the starting point for anyone seeking to improve their health and fitness through effective training and nutritional strategies. Prospective coaches and gym owners take the Level 1 to acquire the foundational training required to help others become fitter and healthier using the CrossFit methodology.

The Level 1 offers expert instruction on the CrossFit methodology through two days of classroom instruction, small-group training sessions, and coach-led workouts. The Level 1 environment and all aspects of the course are supportive of all levels of athletes, from the absolute beginner to the more experienced.

The Level 1 Training Guide is the most comprehensive document outlining what is fitness, what is CrossFit and including movement standards, nutrition and the methodology behind it all.

Download it here> http://library.crossfit.com/free/pdf/CFJ_English_Level1_TrainingGuide.pdf Sign up for the Level 1 course today > https://www.crossfit.com/courses-near-you

The price of the course is $1460 and is money well spent for a great 2 day experience

Rob Patterson: Longtime Personal Trainer and very capable CrossFit coach and athlete.

WANT TO DIG IN: Try CrossFit first hand.

Lets make it happen, here's your two options during Victoria Lockdown:

A/ Get you onboard our Zoom Live CrossFit Coaching for the next few weeks until we are back in the box. This is where we run our CrossFit Class of the day, via Zoom, allowing our athletes to have structure in their day, accountability and still get the benefits of coaching and community.

B/ Perhaps you don't have any equipment and you're a little out of shape. Thats normal, most people who come to us are out of shape, feeling flat and run down, that's generally when we think "I need to do something about my fitness". We have a bodyweight 2.0 program for $99 that comes to you via PDF and offers 8 weeks of home workouts, warm up videos, cool downs and stability pieces to help you get a kick start. That way when gyms reopen, you will have some positive momentum to take into our community.

CONTACT US TODAY and remember, the road to a healthy tomorrow, starts today.

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