CrossFit 3018 delivering to your home gym, live and online

DUE TO Our commitment to our members, and Covid-19, we are now:

– Delivering CrossFit to your home gym

– Providing the same fun and challenging workouts as well as additional advice around changing workouts to suit the equipment you have or don’t have

– Coaching through the web, using Zoom conferences, so that we can invite members to classes, coach from anywhere and support your fitness transformation

– Supporting members through training, whether they have 1 Dumbbell, 1 barbell or a full gym, we will get you through some gruelling workouts and use gymnastics, experience and challenge to bring our the best in each individual member.

– Welcoming new members to the team.

– Message Tristan 0400656750 to book a chat or “to get started”.

CrossFit 3018 is:

A community of people that want to have fun and get better A space to train where movement quality is prioritised A diverse group of people that embrace for the purpose of progress A culture of excellence that stems from the coaches A program that is evolving with the athletes and for the athletes

Our Classes are programmed with your results, health and longevity in mind. Expect;

10-15 minutes of movement focused warm ups specific to preparing your body for the workout ahead Strength programming and teachings that will lead to better function, performance and overall ease of life Conditioning is varied, we always WOD (workout). Short, medium and long we vary the intensity and the movements to keep you challenged and stimulated. We are preparing you for life, general physical preparedness, with the end goal being stronger, faster, healthier and more confident than ever before.

“CrossFit is a way of life and the best part of my day”

Lets get started now, so when life’s back to normal, it’s a strong, healthy normal for you!

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