Covid and Return to CrossFit 3018

We may need to adjust gears again once we have Dans update and if that is the case we will act quickly.

A couple of things to note, this document covers:

  • Physical distancing at CrossFit 3018

  • Face mask requirements

  • Hygiene Expectations

  • Membership email to resume and adjust

  • Record keeping, Illness and actions.

  • Close spaces and avoiding mingling in them

  • Class sizes and who is coaching when

  • Kids bookings, when, what how.

  • Wodify Booking set up so far....

Ensure Physical Distancing

  • 1.5m at all times

  • Minimise areas where people tend to hang around o Lockers o The door waiting for class or exiting a session o The toilets

  • Have signage in high traffic areas stated above

  • No Coaches spotting members, or members spotting members unless from the same family/ household.

Wear a face mask

  • Coaches will need to wear a face mask

  • Members will need to wear theirs to and from classes and for toilet breaks, but not during.

  • If you are unsure, this is the most up to date visual of what is and isn’t allowed. If a newer version becomes available, that will be the new rule.

Practice good hygiene

  • Hand sanitise on entry and exit from the gym

  • BYO towel every to every class

  • Custom “named” CrossFit 3018 towels can be ordered for $30.

  • Wash and dry hands thoroughly before and after eating, training , coughing or sneezing and bathroom visits

  • Disinfect and wipe down equipment after each use

  • Don’t come to the gym if sick or showing #symptoms or #illness

  • Avoid touching face, eyes, nose or mouth

  • Dispose of tissues and waste in closed bins

  • Wash body hair and clothes thoroughly everyday

  • Have no intentional contact, shaking hands or patting back etc.

  • If using an automatic hand dryer, ensure hands are thoroughly dried.

Keep good records and act quickly if members or staff become unwell

  • Book in to class and Sign in to classes (to confirm you attended your booking) via Wodify

  • To support our record keeping, membership trials are available via the link sign up now at discounted rates.

  • We are not offering one off drop ins at this time, really you need a week to see that you like CrossFit because every class is different and getting to know our team isas much fun as the training.

  • As above, do not casually bring a #friend. Friends can do a 1 week #trial for $25 and cancel if they don’t like it or continue at normal rates if they love it, and we anticipate they will love it.

  • Daily Records of bins being changed AM and PM

  • Daily records of cleaning kitchen and bathrooms AM and PM

  • Contact us if you have been in contact with a positive case so that we can act fast within our community.

  • If sick, Stay home from gym and get tested.

  • If you come to the gym and are physically sick you can expect to be asked to go home.

  • Should coaches become unwell, they will aim to replace their shift with another coach. If we cannot replace the class with a coach, the class may be cancelled and we will consider options with regard to make up classes or supplementary zooms depending on the length of illness and recovery.

Avoid interactions in close spaces

  • Ensure you aren’t pooling together or having conversations in confined spaces ie lockers, toilets, downstairs office/room or at the exit or entry of the gym.

  • Keep spread out during explanations, this tends to be the time “we often huddle”.

  • Pay attention to #socialdistancing reminder posters

Class sizes, coaches and guests 10 per class if it’s the only class running at 1 time slot or 2 classes of maximum 9 people.

  • 2 Classes of 9 people at 5pm Monday to Friday and Saturday during CrossfIt Classes is what we expect will be acceptable. Stay tuned for updates to Wodifys booking availibilities.

  • 20 people only in the building at 1 time

  • CrossFit classes and Barbell classes take priority, members standing around or friends and family will be politely asked to wait outside until the gym has the legal capacity for them to enter

  • #Visitors and guests of any kind must be recorded on the sheet along with the #coaches (This does not included class drop ins as they will have signed in via wodify), this is in reference to someone fixing the roller door, checking the fire extiguishers or enquiring about training, they must wait outside and be added to “Coach/Guest” attendance sheet if they enter the gym and definitely if they stay for 15 minutes or longer.

Membership re-start, CrossFit, Barbell Club etc

  • Please email me [email protected] to update your membership training frequency or fire up your account.

  • #Barbell Club is an additional fee, if you wish to do Barbell Club please contact [email protected] to adjust your membership

  • Barbell Club hasn’t been opened up for booking yet. Barbell Club will resume Tuesday night, Phil is ready to go!

Kids bookings

  • Kids cannot be brought to class without booking them in first with the coach of the day.

  • Kids can be brought to timeslots on the class timetable where only 1 class is being run at that time and they need to book them in with the coach of that class to ensure there is room for their kids in the building under the building limit requirement. The following is a list of kid friendly class times, you will still need to book in with the coach of that class to ensure we don’t have an overflow of numbers. o 530am o 630am o 930am o 1030am o 350pm o 730pm

  • Our Private Facebook members group will give you access to the coaches of each session

  • Parents who bring kids without booking them in may not have permission for the kids to stay in the building depending on capacity and bookings.

  • With a 20 person limit in the building, those who have booked their kids in with the coach of the day will take priority.

  • Choosing quieter classes is a good option where possible and hopefully restrictions are lifted again shortly so that we can accept more #kids and people soon

Wodify Booking – Set up so far...

  • #Classes can be booked in for up to 72 hours ahead of time, Starting today.

  • All classes have been set to a 10 person limit (see next dot point)

  • 5pm classes Monday – Friday, and Saturday classes 745am and 9am will be adjusted to 18 persons, we have set it tentatively at 10 people until we get Sundays announcement.

  • If a particular time slot is extremely popular and people are missing out on training, we would like to know as we could potentially run outdoor bootcamp of 20 and indoor training simultaneously.

  • Avoid cancellations of classes or swapping your bookings within 2 hours of class starting, you will get a $7 fee for that.

  • Any #cancellations or changes made more than 2 hours before the start of class will be no charge and we appreciate you being as organised as possible during this time when classes have attendance limits.

  • #Booking your class is important, equally important is signing in to class on arrival.

  • Not showing up to class, or not signing in will get treated the same with a $15 fee basically because the system won't know you have attended and we need you being on top of your attendance for our covid safe records.

  • #Wodify is a terrific tracking program for more than just #attendance, Booking and signing in is just the beginning, recording your lifts in the strength piece and accurately commenting and scoring your workouts provides valuable information yoy can reflect on in the future to notice your progress, or to notice areas that aren’t progressing that need extra attention.

Monday is super exciting!

This plan along with #consistent #communication, #readiness to #adapt and a continued reduction on restrictions will be a brilliant change and bring about great enthusiasm for our future.

Thanks for all your support and patience. Let’s return inspired, united and ready for gains.



CrossFit 3018

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