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Looking back on my early experience as an aspiring tennis professional, I remember a great sense of purpose and determination for my outcome. Over the years I created a support network of people around me that would help me to personally and professionally develop: a team of tennis coaches, physical therapists, mindset coaches and sports psychologists along with training partners, sponsors and much more.

What I missed out on the most was really having a great community and feeling connected to something much bigger than myself.

The typical gym goer who simply wants to lose weight, tone up and get a little bit healthier may not be able relate to what I am communicating here, or can you? Because when you go into a typical gym and you talk to no-one, you do your program, in your time, on your own, you probably can relate, to the loneliness I felt as an aspiring tennis professional.

I know the times in my life when I created the best results were when I had a purpose that was greater than me, when I was surrounded with like minded individuals that shared similar passions. When we brainstormed possibilities together, challenged each other and never settled for anything less than our best collectively.

Today, we have a team of professionals here to look after you, we also have a sensational group of athletes/ members, and we are all committed to one common goal… to have fun giving out best and to enjoy others success as much as our own.

YES!! Thats pretty much it.

When we engage fully and set a clear intention around enjoyment, when we show up to give our best for ourselves and for others… Our fitness experience will totally transform and so will our results. And it is about us isn’t it, and its so much more than that… its about embracing our community and celebrating life together, because a life worth living is a life worth celebrating.

Tristan Enright Owner/Coach/Strategist/Athlete

The great hockey player Wayne Gretzky said “A good hockey players plays where the puck is, a great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be”.

So where are you going…? or have you made the mistake that 95% of Australians make by not setting any clear direction around what is health and what is fitness?

The journey of health and fitness is often left until last, or until it is a problem and if it is a problem its time to act, or is it not?

What kind of support network do you want around you? or are you more inclined to just hang out with who ever is near.

Did you know we accept, subconsciously, the attitudes, beliefs and standards of the 5 people we spend the most time with. This is the reason why a professional athletes connect and get on so well. Its also the reason why Millionaires connect with other millionaires and billionaires connect because they are surrounding themselves with excellence in the area of life they value highly. If you want to increase the level of health and vitality you are experiencing, get around a community of healthy, vital people.

So start hanging around with people that are already getting the results that you want, and if you don’t know what you want…do anything. Make any decision that is different to move you away from what you are currently getting and towards a new outcome.

“If you have everything under control, you’re not moving fast enough.”

— Mario Andretti, world champion racing driver (1968-1982)

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