Change your thoughts and change your results

Can you relate to this?

Abbey had a few mates who raved about CrossFit and although she “hated running”, she figured why not give CrossFit a go.

In the first month Abbey had to drag herself along to class to get here. “Its hard, its uncomfortable and I just don’t really like it” she often told us.

After a few weeks she had a shift in headspace… Abbey began to notice where she was making progress as well as caring less about how she compared to everyone else.

I remember the end of her first big burpee challenge one of our members Jimbo said to Abbey something along the lines of, “well done, you did great and remember compare yourself to yourself, thats all that matters”. These comments of wisdom go a long way to helping our new members to settle in.

Then a few weeks in Abbey had a huge break through…She ran 3km non-stop for the first time in her life!!! The pure joy that goes with achieving something you have never done before and setting yourself a challenge and nailing it is one of the best feelings ever.

Now she is on a roll:

Smashing her old record on 100 burpees

Rope climbing to the 3m mark for the first time

Walking away proud of what she has done

We are very proud of Abbey and our entire community. The way that our members supports and gets to know the newbies is really making this a great place to hang out and also a great environment for success.

As coaches we love to help our members to re-frame their experience of CrossFit away from what they didn’t achieve to all the things they did do. Enjoying your CrossFit experience and allowing yourself to get involved without judgement makes this experience an very enjoyable one.

If you’ve ever wondered whether you could do CrossFit, I say hell yeah you can, anyone can!

If its possible for someone, its possible for you.

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