That RXD feeling!!!!!

Linda Harris well done.

Rx'd simply means 'as prescribed'. It means that you do the WOD exactly as written. To an extreme sense, you do exactly as written AND in the order it was written.

Our daily workouts have prescribed weights and standards, these weights and standards aren’t easily met, they take consistent training, hard work and a willingness to learn and apply those teachings.

Workouts are prescribed challenging so that attendees of the class have something to shoot for, a level of fitness that is outstanding, rather than average.

Outstanding fitness is rewarding, energising and worthwhile and we challenge our community to stick with us to attain such high standards.

Scaling is an important part of the process and acknowledging your progress along the way is equally important.

This is a big win for Linda. Challenge comes with frustration and set backs, and it also brings rewards and growth. ..

Join the 3018 gain train. We are tough but fair and here for fun and progress xx

Linda, Joe and Jess all train with us at CrossFit 3018 putting fitness and fun on the map as a family

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