November 9th 2020 we will be back in the box !!

We can't thank our community enough for sticking by us through this torturous experience. Lock down has been an absolute nightmare for so many, and whilst it has come with some new positive insights, it has also taken a large toll in many ways on each of us.

Getting back into CrossFit 3018 brings a really new an exciting chapter to 2020.

The Gym has been decked out with brand new climbing ropes (that we only played with for 9 days back in June), we come back to the new wall ball lines (hope you've been visualising wall balls hehe) and those crisp, clean bathrooms.

We will be reaching out to our members to return the equipment with a date a time window to do that so that we can be set up and ready for class on the first day we are allowed to commence.

Bootcamps will begin on November 2nd, so look out for this opportunity to complete some really fun, high energy workouts in group of 10 out the back/front of the gym.

It's summertime too, so please BYO towels, be ready to social distance and spray and wipe down the gear (don't leave it to the coaches to clean your sweat) and hit it hard with your mates.

More info to land soon regarding everything from schedule, to bookings, to equipment returns atc


Tell your mates, its time to shine!

CrossFit 3018

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