Are you tired of getting lousy results from your training?

Are you sick and tired of feeling like a failure?

Maybe fitness is just not for you, maybe you were born to be fat. I highly doubt it and I don’t believe it for a second. What if you could create the results you wanted in your life. Would you do it? What if I told you exactly what you have to do? Well, here it is…

Modelling. Its what the best athletes in the world are doing. The best business owners are doing it. The best coaches do it and so should you… Modelling. The results that you want in your life can very much, like a word document, be cut, copied and pasted into your life. It’s that simple.

In the performance world its referred to as be, do have and I like to call it the results generator. You see we are all generating results in our life, whether we do or whether we don’t we are left with an outcome. We either went to the gym or we didn’t go. We either gave it 100% or we only gave 75% of our best. We either gave ourself permission to fuck it up or we steered clear of any potential failures by training in the corner and not testing our limits. We are constantly generating results whether we like it or not but what if you could put an end to your unfulfilling performances? I am here to tell you that now you can. And it all starts with awareness…

Thats right! Awareness. Humans are often referred to as creatures of habit, machines that systematically operate with the beliefs, thoughts, habits and ideas about who we are and what we deserve in life. We create routines that make up “the daily grind” and the way we experience our year is made up of a multitude of activities in a habitual order. You may have heard the saying “for things to change, we must change”, or “without change, nothing changes”. So if we are to break away from the results we are currently getting we must clearly make some significant changes to the habits we continually repeat. But what results do we want? What do we want to generate? The results generator tool is no use to us unless we get insanely clear about the type of results we are looking for. Once this is determined anything is possible.

What do you want? Most people that surround themselves with me want what I have. No not my Fiance, but perhaps they do want to know how to attract the woman of their dreams, this I can help with. Typically I hear people communicate to me that they want to wake up feeling driven and inspired about their life. “I want to feel energised” is a common one or “I need to put myself first again and recover a deep sense of confidence in who I am”. “ I want health, strength, vitality”. Or they want answers.

We attract what we put out and we become what we become. I attract people that I can serve with the inspiration that flows through me. i am passionate about delivering people with the best health and fitness program that addresses not only the physical requirements of how to move and what to eat but also deliver the mental aspects of how to think and what beliefs to create in order to be the best version of yourself. By becoming the best version of myself I continue to be a trustworthy source or education for my athletes and students to become the best versions of themselves…so what is the first step. Be!

Step 1: You become what you are being. If you are being a jack arse, if you are being tired, if you are being lazy you are going to get tired, lazy results that lead to you being selfish and behaving like a jack arse. Can you see that. If you are looking to become an incredible writer in the field of children’s books you may wish to research incredibly creative children’s writers and study who they are being, what they are thinking about, what they are imagining, who they surround themselves with, how much time they spend doing what they love and find out where they get their inspiration. Get inside their mind.

If you want to create an incredible physical transformation speak to the people in our team that have created it. Get to know them. They all are totally disassociated with their old self. They don’t recognise themselves as the same any more. The beliefs they had about being fat and lazy are gone. The ideas they have about who they are and what it means to be fit have shifted. They think differently. They are educated. They have become educated. The have become students of health and fitness. They have become dedicated to progress, dedicated to learning, dedicated to improving. Rather than being fat and lazy and hoping that one day things will change, first consider who do you nee to be in order to create the change that you deserve to have.

Step 2: DO. In order to create the transformation you want the second step of course is to do the things that the transformation client did and get the results that they got. Make a list of the actions you are going to take and DO them. Do exactly what they did.

Step 3: HAVE. You get to have what they have when you Be and Do. Be exactly what you want to become and during that process you will take the actions necessary to become it and soon enough you will have it. Its quite a simple strategy that makes perfect sense and thats what is so totally cool about it and often also why it is so commonly overlooked.

BE. DO. HAVE. Model Successful people. It truly works but you need to play at 100%. You cant expect all of the juice (rewards) without squeezing all the oranges.

Whether you are looking to shed 7-8 kilograms, 24kg or transform the way you think and feel about yourself…our athletes have done it and we have it on CD.

Everyone deserves to have the answers that our athletes have leant through blood, sweat and tears.

Begin your fitness journey today and email me for your FREE CD of one of our transformation clients Jess Elizabeth. Full set of CDs also available. Email us for with you name, details and Free CD today 🙂 t[email protected]

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