AllStar Affiliate Final

CrossFit 3018 has qualified for the 2015 #Allstar #Affiliate #Series Final on the 21/22nd of november at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

WOW!!! Yes, This is an awesome opportunity to get involved in the CrossFit community and see just what is possible.

What is possible?

Whatever you can imagine is possible. Who said it first… “What the mind can conceive it can achieve” and its so true. The first step is really, showing up, getting involved and seeing if being even a fraction of the results these people have is something you want for you!

Are you seeking great results> Are you looking for a better quality of life> Are you sick of all the bullshit you keep telling yourself> Are you fed up with gyms that are unsupportive…

Get in touch with us. Start at the beginning or if you have previous experience, slot straight in!

We are and thats why we choose CrossFit! Constantly varied, High intensity, Functional Fitness that consistently delivers people with the best results going around.

What is the purpose of CrossFit? The purpose of CrossFit is to move better, become stronger and celebrate your success with a community that champions people for stepping up and giving their best.

People fall in love with the constant variety that comes when you show up to a class as well as the feedback that #Wodify provides us, which is the system we use to track every individuals performance! Wodify allows members to track their nutrition, to log their training, to see when they have improved on previous performances, to champion other members results on any given day and much more.

6 days a week you can workout with us, with the added benefit of having NO CROSSFIT on a Sunday, which we like to refer to as, go and do something different day! CrossFit is said to prepare you for anything and everything so whilst we fill up your weekly routine with fabulous and fun CrossFit workouts, we also leave space for you to do your own hobbies.

For our class timetable click this link

When would no web a good time to start with us, CrossFit 3018, in Altona.

Talk to us about what matters most to you, we will deliver.

Who is doing CrossFit with us that you already know? Visit us on Facebook and check out our page

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