A new you, starts between the ears (Our gift to you)

Well it’s now the back end of one of the coldest Melbourne winters we’ve had in a very long time… and whilst the weather seems to make very slow improvement we on the other hand are desperate, passionate and hungry to deliver the best opportunities for you, our community to thrive.

Sometimes I wonder though…? How come the rich kids, with all the money 💰 available to them in the world are not always the most successful, the most happy and the most educated kids..?

How come the kids with the most talent don’t always achieve the same level of profession as other kids with far less ability and resources…?

Why do some people maximise their opportunities and bounce back from obstacles that are seemingly impossible set backs to achieve greatness and wisdom that inspires and serves their community, whilst others flounder in their own misfortune and lack of resources.

Well, I have many theory’s. However what matters more than my theory’s is a question:

Are you maximising your opportunities..?

Ask yourself:

Am I maximising my opportunities? Am I living at above the line or below the line? Am I a victim of my past or the creator of my destiny? Am I honouring myself and enjoying my life? Am I taking responsibility of emotions and feelings? Do I spend more time noticing what’s fucked up about my day or do I notice the greatness that’s present in most situations?

I invite you to join us on a 12 month journey to a greater sense of self worth and to realise and actualise more of the things, experiences and emotions that make your life worth living.

We are bringing you Sharon Pearson’s “Your Success” online program and the best rewards will go to the first 10 people that say yes and get involved.

The Your Success program is a personal development program orchestrated by sharon Person from the Global Susscess Institute and she has teamed up with some of the worlds best thought leaders to bring us a new look at life. Emotionally, mentally and experiencially we will thrive with the education and path laid in front of us.

The online program is a 12 level (12 month) online experience where you will also gain access to a 2 day live event at the global success institute that will blow your mind even more. The program is worth $5197 and it’s available for $997.

Totally cool right! Sign up – Click here

And, we are going to rock your world even more than that…

Why? Because we love you and we knownthis really fucking matters. So, like anything that matters we want to really give you heaps of massive value. We know it’s great, we know you deserve it, we know it will benefit everyone so we are going to thank those that say yes. Plus trusting yourself is means believing you have what it takes and by saying yes to what matters and no to what doesn’t is a display trust and self respect.

Trust is an expression of love and by saying yes to our program you are investing financially in you, investing your time in you, investing your energy in you, investing love in you and those are the values and actions we want to acknowledge and reward.

We are holding 12 workshops per year where the Your Success members of 3018 will be able to unite together as masters of your own minds in what we will be naming the Your Success Mastermind Club. These sessions will be facilitated by Meta Dynamics coach and CrossFit 3018 owner Tristan Enright.

So, here’s the bonus!

The Your Success program members have the opportunity to jump on board Tristan’s Supersize package, valued $3000/year for only $600… In other words, we are including everything you need to totally rock your world for either $997 Your Success Online Program or only $1597 for full program, accountability and even more.

Jump across to CrossFit3018.com.au/livefully for more info or jump in!

I’m so keen, let’s go

The Your Success Mastermind Club dates are available for viewing below.

Also know this. Those that know something is good for them, make it a priority. The Success attitude says yes to opportunities that matter to them and takes action, trusting that who they become is worth the effort and the investment to them. The victim mindset is one of scarcity and lack.

If you know you matter, now is the time to act. Email [email protected] with the words “Yes I’m in” and the subject line “1st 10 Mastermind bonus”

Mastermind Club dates: “Bringing accountability to education and turning wisdom into action.”

Sunday September 24th – 10am Sunday October 8th – 3pm Sunday October 29th – 1pm Sunday December 10th – 3pm Sunday January 21st – 10am Sunday February 18th – 12 Midday Sunday March 4th – 10am Sunday April 22nd – 3pm Sunday May 20th – 10am Sunday June 17th – 3pm Sunday July 15th – online Workshop Skype 🌌 Sunday August 26th – 10am October 2018 TBA November 2018 TBA December 2018 TBA January 2019 TBA February 2019 TBA…

If you haven’t written yes in an email by now perhaps procrastination is something that you are aware holds you back from an amazing life.

Give proceastination the arse. Let’s go! Yes is best!

I’M so in!! 

Sharon Pearson has a few videos for you here 

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