8 Week Challenge Winner

The winner of the 2017 “New Year, New You” 8 week challenge run bun crossFit 3018 is….

Stefanie Uzunovski

Stef started CrossFit with us only a few weeks before the challenge and jumped straight in on the opportunity to learn a little more about eating for a lean, energised body.

Today she is as happy as the day she began, there is just a little less of her and she boasts some of the most excitable grins when lifting and training at 3018. Stef certainly has joined the #GainTrain with some awesome lifting personals bests.

Stef managed a 6.7kg weightloss and 6.6% reduction in body fat! She ran 8km for the first time ever and smashed her fitness re-test to name a few milestones.

The 8 Week Challenge Winner Prize is: – 1 bag x Progenex Recovery or More Muscle Protein Powder and – 2 Months of FREE unlimited CrossFit – Free initial consultation (Ben Roufail Chiropractor – CrossFit Wizard)

We are super proud of each of the attendees and the commitment each of you had to be involved in the fun run, onine live group chats,  meetings and fitness tests. 

Here are some great pics of an amazing 8 week journey

Stef pumped: Mad results “sticking to the plan pays off”.

Nick Hawkins: Leaner, Energised and pumped. A super positive change

Ripped Rod: One of the most ripped blokes in our gym and 57 years old. Rod also completed his first CrossFit open and has applied his learning and shared them with our group.

K8 Welsh: Challenge Success, leaner, faster and 3rd fittest women in our gym after CrossFit open 2017

Nick and Sophie: Fitness Test results improved by heaps ✅✅✅✅

Deb Pace: Delivering epic value and perspective on all life issues and as they relate to fitness. Thanks for your hard work Deb

Barry Borg: Enjoying the run with buddy Nick.  These lads dropped a combined 14% body fat, no wonder they ran so easily

Fun run day: Those that continue to show up and put in work, continued to get results

The fold plan had boundaries, options, variety and was well received. The members shared their meals with each other in our private  challenge group and supported each other through the journey.

Tristan Enright: Guiding us through a live chat and leaving his ego behind as he shares his learnings in a  fun and educational way.

Our weekly and fortnightly live Facebook chats allowed challengers the opportunity to discuss and share what was and wasn’t working with each other and we were able to problem solve together for each other to create our best results yet.

Get great results: Book in a food chat with a Tristan and get connected with our private Facebook group “Eat like a champion”.

Congratulatiosn again to Stef and all challengers – you’re all winners

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