5 Rules every newbie must know

1/ Fun is an essential ingredient. But don’t come expecting a fun coach or a fun workout or even a fun group of people (even though it is likely that you will get all of those things)… what we mean by this is come with a fun attitude. Look for the fun in being here, look for the fun in progressing, seek the fun in learning, have fun being a newbie, have fun engaging with new people.

2/ Community matters. Before you go getting all hung up on whether or not you can do it, when it’s likely you can and even if you can’t do exactly what’s written we can scale it back for you… what’s really important is that the community is a supportive and encouraging one. One that appreciates the newbies journey. It’s about the right blend of push and the right amount of scale back blended with a great group of people.

3/ Progress, everyone wants it, some people are in a rush, others are more relaxed… what really matters here is that you keep showing up. Those that show up make obvious and considerable progress and whilst everyone progresses in different ways at different rates, progress is noticeable across the board from all our regular attendees, whether they come twice a week or 6 times a week, they don’t miss many weeks.

4/ Surround yourself with people that lift you up. Many of us are involved with workplaces or people that we don’t necessarily choose and then go home to families who perhaps aren’t always in their most conscious state of mind, it’s important to make sure that as much as possible you surround yourself with people that see more for you that you see for yourself and who hold you to high standards and also are there with endless encouragement.

5/ Be kind to yourself. We attract people who want results, people that are sick or not getting what they want and they are ready to make a change. We also attract ex-sports people who are used to competing and trying to win. Whilst we do have a diverse blend of members, one human trait that’s hard to escape is that feeling that perhaps we aren’t good enough. Well you are doing just fine. Keep your chin up, follow the above points and add in a little kindness to yourself. You are on track and if you’d like our tracks to line up, get in touch and we can discuss the introductory process we have which successfully integrates new members into our program safely and with a sense of confidence and connection.

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